Electric scooters have become a desirable means of transport for many people today. Scores of students and young adults use these scooters to move from one point to another. One of the reasons for and advantages of riding an electric scooter is the fact that you won’t have to deal with the complexities of busy and chaotic roads or traffic jam. Getting around town is also relatively easy with an electric scooter. Riding an electric scooter is however as risky as with any other bike on the road. It would, therefore, be advisable to take all the safety measures to not only avoid an accident but also safeguard yourself from injuries should you be involved in one. Outlined below are 5 electric scooter safety tips to help you stay safe on the road.


1. Always Have An Helmet On

This should be the first thing you do before getting on your scooter. The risk of falling off a scooter, like a bike, is relatively much higher than if you were in a car. It is, for this reason, riders are advised/have to wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injuries in case of an accident. The helmet should not only fit properly but also provide adequate cushioning should you fall. Some of the best electric scooters on the market today come with a helmet in the same package. Be sure to try the helmet first to ensure it fits properly before taking a ride. Consider asking an expert’s help finding the right helmet for the best protection. Experts also recommend having the helmet replaced if it is cracked or after a severe fall.


2. Keep Your Hands On The Handles While Riding

As tempting as it might be, you should never ride your scooter with one hand. Although some people will want to have their morning coffee while riding, or just want to do a stunt, riding with one hand only increases the risk of losing control or getting into an accident. The only way you can have total control of your scooter is if you operate it with both hands. This way, it will be easier to swerve off a pedestrian, or even avoid hitting something without falling off. Consider putting everything in a backpack and carrying it on your back instead of holding them with one hand.


3. Start Slowslow gain on the accelerometer

In addition to having safety gear on, developing scooter skills is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road. An excellent way to do this is by starting slow each time. Although you might be late for work, hitting the accelerator on full throttle isn’t the best way to do it. Some electric scooters have a powerful enough motor capable of throwing you off balance, or off the scooter itself when on full throttle. Unlike gasoline scooters, electric scooters have a higher torque, which is noticeable in start and stop situations. Remember to start slow before picking up speed to be safe. Starting slowly also enables you to be aware of your surrounding and its response when you take off. You also need to be careful when riding on an unfamiliar road and busy streets.


4. Keep The Battery Charged At All Times

Electric scooters run on battery power. The batteries need to be charged fully for the scooter to run optimally without malfunctioning. Most electric scooters can cover at least 20 miles on full charge. However, it depends on the terrain and load. Keeping the battery on full charge all the time reduces the risk of running out of charge when dashing to school or work. If planning to go for a longer ride (more than 20 miles), you should then identify recharging spots, and take the recharging system with you. This is the only way you can get extra miles and be able to get home safely without running out of juice late in the evening or at night.


5. Avoid Mobile Phones and Headphones

Using the phone or listening to music via headphones while on the road is a risk you wouldn’t want to take. First, answering a phone call while riding means you will have to use one hand, and secondly, takes your attention away from the road. This puts you and other road users at risk as well. Listening to music on your headphones makes the situation even worse. You won’t be able to hear traffic behind you, which can be a huge risk in itself as well. If you have to make a phone call, do it before getting on the scooter. Let incoming calls go to voicemail if you are already on the road. This way, you will be able to concentrate on the road.

It would also be advisable to have a reflector on while riding the scooter at night. Reflectors make it possible for other road users to see you at night. This reduces the chances of being run over by a car or truck. Used correctly, an electric scooter can save you lots of time on the road. It provides a convenient way to move from point A to Point B without worrying about traffic or fuel.


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