Providing your young child with their very own scooter has many benefits! It gives them something to play with, a mean of transport other than you carrying them around or pushing them in a stroller, they get a toy they can learn and develop with and something to help boost their confidence and sense of self-worth. Children want to be like their older siblings and their parents, and having a scooter made for young ages – one they can actually use without help – will aid in showing them that they can do whatever they set their minds to.

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There are many great toddler scooters out there, but there are also quite a few that aren’t that good. We have made it easier for you by listing the best scooters for toddler that are currently available for purchasing online.

1. Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter


The design of this product is unlike most you have ever seen when it comes to design! It has a wide deck that aids with stability and balance, lean-to-steer technology and three large wheels, but there is also a seat you can attach to the Y-bar for your child to sit on, either just for fun or because your toddler is not yet old enough to stand on a scooter.

The wheels light up and they are thick enough to provide your kid with a very smooth and comfortable ride, and the stainless steel parts and aluminum alloy has contributed to an incredibly durable scooter for toddlers and young children – one that will last through the years even when played roughly with. A child’s toy needs to meet certain standards, and the Lascoota 2-in-1 ticks all the boxes.

+ 3-wheel self-balancing design
+ Adjustable and removable seat
+ Extra wide and stable deck
+ Lean-to-steer technology

Why We Like It – Small children get tired easily and might lose their balance, and what is so great about these mini scooters are the removable seats to give your child a chance to sit down.

2. JRazor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter


A Razor Jr Lil Kick scooter is a simple, charming and easy-to-use Razor Jr folding scooter. It has a sturdy 3-wheel design, large wheels to take the rider over uneven terrain and gravel, a sturdy welded steel t-bar with padding in the middle and a lower profile design to simplify kicking also for smaller children.

Perhaps you have seen the Razor A3, the Razor A5 or the Razor A5 Deluxe before, but if you have very young kids – you will all love this Jr Lil Kick Bike with its slip-resistant deck and ergonomic handlebars! You have the option to choose if you rather get a blue Razor scooter or a pink Razor scooter, but we are warning you – they are both adorable, and the choice might be hard.

+ Large no-puncture wheels
+ Convenient low deck
+ Available in pink and blue
+ Padded, steel handlebars

Why We Like It – This cute Lil kick foldable scooter is durable enough to be passed down to the next child once the first outgrows it, and they are perfect toddler toys to help children work on their motor skills.

3. Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe


The Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter is similar to the Micro maxi kick bike, but designed to suit the youngest ones in the house. It is one of Micro’s scooters that is small, compact, has three wheels for balance, replaceable parts in case you would ever need a reliable update, a T-bar that can be adjusted to the child’s height and material that makes it lightweight and easy to manage. It is a Micro mini original – a mini deluxe kick bike unlike most others, and it has that playful look that your kid will take to right away. When you get Micro minis or the Micro Maxi Deluxe (the Maxi kick scooter), you can rest assured that your product will last for many years to come.

+ Designed in Switzerland
+ Easily adjustable T-bar
+ With replaceable parts
+ Lightweight Micro kickboard

Why We Like It – Small children are very fond of their favorite colors, and the Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter comes in over 10 different ones, for you to surprise your kid with a Micro mini kick razor scooter in the color of their choice.

4. Luddy Kick Scooter

Luddy Kick Scooter


Lean-and-steer technologies, rear Fender brakes, adjustable T-bar with ergonomic handlebars and durable stainless steel construction make this kid scooter a must-have! It is an adorable and colorful scooter that kids will love to zoom around on, and parents will be thrilled not to have a child constantly asking to be carried or to stop for a rest.

Get it in either blue or the color of a duck – yellow and orange – and let your child discover the ease with which they can steer their new Luddy Kick Scooter! Even very young children do well with a scooter like these, which is an excellent way to boost a toddler’s confidence.

+ Lightweight aluminum alloy
+ Stable and smooth glide
+ PU high rebound wheels
+ Reliable rear-wheel foot brake

Why We Like It – These are great toys for toddlers that enjoy trying new things, and the adjustable handlebars allow this deluxe scooter to grow with your child.

5. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter


Here we have a Radio Flyer Scooter that is perfect for the youngest of riders! It has a nice and wide deck for little feet to stand steadily on, and the base is tapered to make it easy for a child to kick themselves forward. The folding function has been made so simple that even the child can do it, which is a way to help boost their confidence by showing that they are big enough to take on the task themselves.

The Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is just what the name indicates – a children’s kick bike made to suit also those kids who have never been on one before. One great thing about these products is that they have adjustable handlebar heights and an upper weight limit of 50lbs.

+ Ergonomic grip handle
+ Strategically tapered base
+ Practical folding handle
+ Extra stability with two front wheels

Why We Like It – The design of this deluxe kick scooter is made to be easy for kids to use, fold and unfold, to give them the confidence of knowing they can do it by themselves.

6. Skip Hop Kids 3-in-1 Ride On Scooter

Skip Hop Kids 3-in-1 Ride On Scooter


When you check on Amazon or anywhere else online for this scooter, you will quickly notice all the good reviews and high rates. This is because it is an ideal toy for your youngest children; it can be used as a wagon/walker for those who are not yet ready for a mini original stunt scooter, as the scooter’s deck can be converted into a ride-on scooter.

When your kid gets older and more aware of their body – you can quickly switch it back to a regular mini kick bike without the needs of any tools. This pro scooter is suitable for children aged 2-8, and it is durable enough to age with your child. It also comes with reliable braking systems and a music box that plays tunes and engaging sounds, and it has headlights for additional visibility.

+ Button for sounds and melodies
+ Walker/wagon mode
+ Headlights for visibility
+ Converts to a scooter

Why We Like It – This is the ideal scooter for very young children, as it has a walker mode, and can later be converted to a scooter as the child grows.

7. Mountalk 3 Wheel Scooter

Mountalk 3 Wheel Scooter


These scooters have light-up wheels to make your child more visible when being outside in the dark, and they have reliable Fender brakes, height adjustment for the handlebar, all-protection wheels designed to prevent anything from getting stuck in the wheel when the scooter is being used, and it is a great kick bike for many different terrains!

The plastic and glass fiber construction makes it lightweight and easy for the child to steer and move around, but also easy for you to carry if needed to pick it up and bring it with you. The steering mechanism makes this scooter move in the direction your child leans in, and you can get it in blue or pink depending on what your child (or you) prefers. This is a product that prides itself in being three times more durable than many competitor products.

+ Three times more durable
+ With all-protection wheels
+ Rear-wheel lights up
+ Durable and easy to adjust

Why We Like It – Visibility is extremely important when children play outside, and this 3Wheel kick scooter has seen to this by adding a light-up function to the rear wheel.

8. Razor Jr. T3 Kick Scooter

Razor Jr. T3 Kick Scooter


For any child that wants to start riding a scooter that in many ways resemble those used by older kids and teens, but with additional stability, this Razor Jr Folding Kiddie Kick Bike is the three-wheel glider! It is one of the buying options that look awesome – just as cool as the big kid’s scooters – and that lets your child feel all grown up while safely practicing their balance and core strength.

The handlebar has soft rubber grips that are comfortable to hold on to, and where your child’s hands won’t slip even if they get a little sweaty; the Polypropylene deck does the same for their feet, and these scooters feature rear fender breaks to quickly stop the scooter when needed. It is recommended for kids weighing up to 48lbs.

+ Tilt-to-turn steering feature
+ Green and pink color option
+ Durable Polypropylene deck
+ Maximum weight of 48lbs

Why We Like It – When looking for the best scooters for toddlers, you will inevitably come across this smooth ride with two front wheels, and it is a great choice thanks to how easy it is to maneuver for a small child.

9. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter Ride On

Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Scooter Ride On


This is perhaps one of the most unique looking kiddie scooters you can find, and it almost resembles a little firetruck once you turn it into a ride-on. That’s right – this Flyer My 1st Scooter can be used in two ways, both as a ride-on and as a scooter, and it takes only minutes to convert it from one to the other.

The four rolling wheels are very durable and long-lasting so that your child can grow with the product, it has storage under the seat when used as a ride-on, is lightweight to both use and carry and you don’t need any tools to assemble or convert it. Your kid will love the freedom it gives them to ride around on it, and you get the security of knowing that it is unlikely to tip over while they play.

+ Ride-on to scooter design
+ Storage under the seat
+ Builds balance and confidence
+ Sturdy and durable frame

Why We Like It – This cute Radio Flyer Scootabout quickly converts from a scooter to a ride-on, making it ideal also for very young toddlers.

10. Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter


The Razor Jr Lil Kick Scooter was designed to help toddlers and young kids improve their coordination, balance, and confidence. It has a Polypropylene deck that stops small feet from slipping and sliding around and improved folding mechanism to make transport and storage easier than what you may be used to with other junior scooters, and the Razor Jr has two rear wheels for stability, perfect for kids that aren’t yet old enough to be on a two-wheeled scooter. The deck is wide enough to stand comfortably on but shaped to make kicking easy also for a small child with short legs. The Razor Jr folding kick scooter is made of durable aluminum, plastic, and steel.

+ Easy to pick up and carry
+ Slip-resistant Polypropylene deck
+ New, improved folding mechanism
+ Suitable for 3-year-olds and up

Why We Like It  – The folding mechanism is easy to use and makes transporting and storing this Razor Jr folding kiddie kick scooter quick and hassle-free.

Scooters for Toddlers Buyers Guide

Kids love to ride around on scooters for kids, and it is actually a great way to have your child improve their balance and overall coordination! An electric scooter might not be ideal for a small child, but a three-wheeled kick bike can help them become more confident and coordinated, while also providing them with hours of fun and a way for you to keep them entertained when you are out and about. There are hundreds of toddler scooters and kids’scooters out there, but not all live up to the same standards, and that’s where a review like this comes in – to help you find the best scooter for toddlers there is.

To further help you make the right choice for children in your family, we have put together a quick guide to purchasing a kid’s mini kick scooter, with a few tips for what you want to look for in the product you are considering.

Three Wheels

If the scooter is meant to be used for toddlers and young children, you will want it to be a three-wheel scooter for toddlers, with either two wheels in front or two wheels in the rear. This will allow your kids to safely ride around, while still practicing their balance. A two-wheel scooter is better suited for older children, as it might both present a safety risk to a young kid, and also become a source of frustration if they are unable to use it.

The idea behind a three-wheel scooter is to help the child feel a sense of accomplishment, and to gain confidence when seeing that they are able to use it on their own. There is no real difference between a scooter with two rear wheels and one with two front wheels, as they both provide additional stability for a young rider.

Anti-Slip Deck

Most models made for toddlers, like the Radio Flyer, the Micro Mini Deluxe, Razor Jr Folding Kiddie Kick Bike, and the Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter, have a wide base with anti-slip material, to keep your child standing safely on their new scooter. A slippery material will make the scooter difficult and uncomfortable to use, even for older riders, so have a look at the material mentioned. Most scooters for kids have slip-resistant Polypropylene on the deck – a durable material that will make your toddler’s riding experience a lot more pleasant.


This is a feature that makes a scooter easier to steer, as all you need to do is to lean slightly in one direction for the scooter to turn. This means that your child does not need to use any physical strength to move the scooter from side to side, and no sharp turns will need to be taken as it will glide effortlessly in whatever direction your toddler wants to go. This feature is very useful for toddlers that have little or no experience using a kick bike, as it helps eliminate frustration that might otherwise overcome them when they struggle to make a turn.

2-in-1 Design

If your toddler is very young, or if you want your baby to be able to grow with their scooter, then look for a product that offers a 2-in-1 feature, and where the scooter can be converted to a ride-on, where a small child can sit and push themselves forward. With one of these, you can let your baby start riding around as soon as he or she is old enough to use their legs to move forward, and once they are ready – you can upgrade it to a scooter! This saves you money since you won’t have to replace their ride-on once they outgrow it, but it is also a way for the child to get to keep their favorite toy and to let it grow with them.

Consider Child’s Age

It is always important to consider the kid’s age, as some scooters are made for very small children, and due to most products having an upper weight limit. It would be a shame to accidentally get a scooter that your child will outgrow fast or that they may have already outgrown, so have a look at the product specifications as there should be a mentioning of upper weight capacity in there.

Adjustable height is another good thing to look for, as this means the handlebars can usually be raised to fit children of different height. The best scooters for toddlers are those they can grow with, because as we all know – toddlers grow surprisingly fast!

Can my toddler use a two-wheel scooter?

This depends entirely on your toddler, his or her capacities and what you feel comfortable with, but a safer option would be a three-wheel scooter.

Does my toddler need to wear a helmet when riding a scooter?

It is always a good idea to implement the practice of wearing a helmet already from an early age. Kids fall over, and you want to be safe rather than sorry.


A quality kid’s scooter is a great gift for any toddler, as it helps them develop fine motor skills, while also boosting their confidence as they realize their own ability to use it. A kiddie kick bike is fun to play with, and it can also be helpful when trying to keep a child entertained while taking a walk, spending time at the park or out in public.

You will want to take yourself the time to research the best options for children in your family and to always prioritize safety responsible use of the scooter, as – after all – it is the safety of your child that is on the line. Toddlers and children should always be supervised when on a scooter.

Expert Tip

Children get frustrated when they are unable to perform tasks they see their parents and older siblings do, and a toddler scooter can give them a sense of accomplishment.

Did You Know

Introducing a scooter for toddlers to your child could help him or her to become less dependent on their baby stroller.

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