There are so many reasons why riding a bike is better than driving a car, but we’re going to have a look at the top eight right now.

#1 – It’s Great Exercise

Man biking on the road

Getting on your bike in the morning and cycling to work is much better for you physically than driving. If you ride a bike at a moderate speed for half an hour, then the average 155 lbs person will burn 298 calories. And that’s just at a moderate speed. If you pedal harder, you’ll burn more calories. Driving won’t burn any extra calories than usual.

But exercise doesn’t just help you shed weight. There are countless benefits to regular exercise. It can help to make your mind healthier, and that means that you’ll become happier. Exercise is also proven to improve sleep.

#2 – You Don’t Need to Spend Cash on Gas

Actually, it isn’t just gas money you’ll be saving if you ride a bike rather than a car. If you go the whole hog and sell your car, then you’ll also get rid of all the bills that come with it, including insurance, tax, and services. And if something goes wrong with your car, then it can cost you quite a pretty penny, while a new bike chain won’t exactly break the bank. But even if you do keep your car, riding your bike to school, work, or college will mean that you don’t need to fill the tank with expensive gasoline, and you won’t be putting as many miles on the clock.

#3 – Cycling is Kinder to the Environment than Driving

Mountain biker riding on bike in autumn inspirational mountains landscape. Man cycling MTB on enduro trail track. Sport fitness motivation and inspiration.

In recent years, the world has become more conscious of the environment. We recycle more, we buy organic food, and people are cycling more, too. The impact of pollution that comes out of cars’ exhausts is frightening when you read about it. Not only does it harm the environment, but it harms other people. If you drive in a city, then all those fumes and brake dust that you produce when you drive will be inhaled by the people walking and cycling next to you. A bike is the cleanest form of transport around. If more people take the plunge to cycle over driving, then we’ll have cleaner air and a healthier planet that our children and grandchildren can enjoy.

#4 – You Can Get Places More Quickly

There’s no need to worry about rush hour traffic jams with a bike. Of course, if you’re planning on making a long journey on an open road, then a car will be a faster means of transport. But your morning commute will often be a lot quicker if you ride your bike instead of driving.

#5 – No Need to Worry About Parking

Bike along the road

There are two benefits to cycling rather than driving when it comes to parking. Firstly, you don’t need to pay to park your bike, whereas parking your car can cost you quite a lot, even if you’re going for an afternoon shopping trip. But some people need to pay for a parking pass for their place of work. And there’s no need for that if you’ve got a bike. The second benefit of cycling over driving in terms of parking is that you can park just about anywhere you want. That means you can leave your bike right outside the place you want to go to, and that isn’t possible a lot of the time with a car.

#6 – Your Bike Won’t Damage Roads

A regular car weighs just under 3,000 lbs. Meanwhile, a standard bicycle tips the scales at a meager 17 lbs. Which one is responsible for potholes, cracks in the road, and damage to roads?

#7 – You Have More Freedom

silhouette cyclist riding bike in the sunrise coast road

When you drive, you are limited to roads and highways. Even off-road cars have their limits. But if you ride a bike, the whole world is opened up. You can cycle just about anywhere you want. That means that you can explore your surroundings in a way you never could with a car. You can go for a trail ride. You can cycle into the countryside and find somewhere to pitch up a tent for the night. And if you’re a city dweller, then you can take shortcuts through narrow alleys that cars would never fit down. You can go wherever you want.

#8 – Cycling Is Simply More Fun Than Driving

Every time you put your helmet on and mount your bike, you get the sense that you’re doing something. You’re moving your legs. You’re breathing in fresh air. You’re powering yourself towards a goal, even if that goal is just to go on a bike ride without any destination in mind. Driving doesn’t give you this feeling. If you get on your bike instead of a car every morning, you’ll start the day with an adventure.