The SEGWAY ES1 is the latest in a series of electric scooters that pack cutting-edge technology into a surreal design. This e-scooter for adults is built for urban transportation with top speeds of 12 miles per hour and can be able to cover 15 miles on a single charge. It has a powerful motor that is able to push it uphill at reasonable speeds. Segway is a well-known brand for having stable and dependable scooters, and the Segway ES1 e-Scooter is no exception to this history. The riding experience is enjoyable with easy handling where there are options for standard or a Sports mode. The LED display gives you a glance at the speed and other scooter diagnostics putting you in control of the machine. The rider-facing display enables you to connect the scooter to your phone via the Bluetooth app. Features found on this scooter are similar to the Xiaomi Mi Scooter.

With a design that takes into account the varied contours of urban terrain such as concrete, pavement, and asphalt, this e-scooter, with its 8-Inch Front and 7.5-Inch Back tires, brings together precision, comfort, and speed in a rare combination of engineering prowess. Whether you are on the road or sidewalk, this piece of equipment, weighing less than 25 pounds, is among the lightest e-scooters anywhere in the world with high performance and the safety of Cruise Control.

In case you are riding on uneven roads, you may need to slow down slightly and brace yourself for the challenge of potholes or bumps. We advise that you maintain a grip on the handlebars lest you lose your balance when you hit a crack on the pavement. When using the sports mode the scooter becomes quite swift and responsive and with that kind of burst, you need to be careful and look out for pedestrians. Use the standard mode when you are in crowded areas to avoid the speed burst that could result in a mishap. Between this and the Razor E300, you’ll really have a hard time choosing.

Segway ES1


Key Features Of The Segway ES1

Lightweight & Portable

The ES1 is assembled using high-density polymers that ensure durability and strength. The device also has components made of aircraft-grade aluminum making it lightweight and exceptionally easy to carry. This e-scooter measures 42 x 8 x 42 inches and weighs 24 pounds. It is therefore easy to carry around and can fit in a car’s trunk. Unlike electric bikes with a more complex design, parts, and details, much like the Razor E200, you will have a great grab-and-go commuter.

Cruise Control Function

Riding the accelerator paddle can be draining at times. The Cruise Control function helps you to lock in your desired speed. You can then cruise along in style.


Range of 15.5-Miles

The ES1 has a distinct no-chain engine with an in-built Lithium-ion battery that powers the e-scooter for an average distance of 15 miles or more when it’s fully charged. The average distance is typical of other scooters in its category. The scooter has an eco-friendly energy recovery system that ensures no power goes to waste while you are riding. The Smart Battery Management System carefully monitors battery performance and this is displayed on the LED monitor. Though a much larger ECOTRIC 20″ Flat Tire Scooter will take you much farther as they store more power, this scooter will really be handy if you plan your routes going anywhere.


Large Front and Back Tires (Front 8” – Back 7.5”)

The front tires measure 8” and the back tires measure 7.5”. These sizes are large enough for a firm grip on the riding surface. This helps to give you a smoother ride. The tires are lightweight and shock-absorbent giving a comfortable ride when confronted with uneven surfaces that have cracks, potholes or bumps. The ES1’s wheels are the perfect combination of precision and swiftness that are necessary for riding long distances and ensuring that your comfort is assured.

Adding an optional second battery will help you achieve advanced performance. With the additional battery, the increased charge will last longer giving you an extended traveling distance of 28 miles.


Speeds of up to 12.4 MPH

ES1’s high-power motor can reach top speeds of 12 miles per hour. This is a safe speed to get to your destinations faster. Adding an optional second battery will help you achieve advanced performance. With the additional battery, you will be able to achieve increased speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour. The powerful 1000-Watt Super Turbo Elite will be a lot faster, but then again you are compromising speed for a much lighter and handy ride.


Built-In Front LED Lights

The ES1 has front-facing LED lights that light up the way ahead of you. This ensures that you have clear visibility of the road ahead when it is dark and that you can be spotted by others around you.


Anti-Lock Braking System

The ES1 makes use of both the mechanical braking system and an electric anti-lock system. This gives you more control of the riding experience and ensures your safety when navigating different terrains. The regenerative braking also ensures smoother rides while saving battery energy that could otherwise be lost in the braking system. This is very helpful to keep a consistent speed when moving down-hill giving you peace of mind when it comes to your safety.


Digital LED Display

This e-scooter is equipped with an LED display that gives the rider a glance at the speed and other scooter diagnostics. The rider-facing display also has Bluetooth app connectivity that helps connect to your phone. This allows the phone to alert you if someone touches your scooter while you are away.


Front Shock Absorption

A smooth ride is everyone’s wish. The ES1 has a heavy-coil suspension located on the front wheel configuration. This is a critical component that absorbs shocks and reduces bouncing when riding on uneven ground where potholes and bumps are unavoidable.



man riding the scooter by the riverwalk

  • The ES1 gives a smooth ride with the heavy-coil suspension that reduces bouncing and absorbs shocks. You will feel more comfortable if faced with a surface laden with potholes and bumps. You also don’t need to be concerned about flat tires.
  • When you get the hang of the cruise control feature, there is no need to hold down the throttle. This gives you the ability to lock in your desired speed and easily glide to 13 miles an hour in no time. Stability and control make your ride safer and more enjoyable.
  • Anti-Slip Deck. The ES1 has a very useful anti-slip layer of rubber on the foot pads that will help you have a firm grip when cruising around. This ensures that you won’t slip while riding. In the event of running over a bump, this grip will help you remain stable preventing any wobbling that may topple you. When riding on surfaces that are unstable or roads with potholes and bumps you will be surprised at the ability to easily maintain self-balance along the way.
  • The ES1 has regenerative braking which ensures smoother rides while saving battery energy that could otherwise be lost in the braking system.


  • The machine may be a bit heavy for some people to carry around.
  • The lack of a way to physically secure the scooter is an omission that may lead to an unnecessary

Who is it Suitable For?

Whether you are out and about for shopping, commuting or leisure, the ES1 scooter can be your ultimate companion. It can be used by:

  • Workers with a “last mile” commute to work – this e-scooter comes in handy for those using public transport and still have a distance to cover to get to their place of work. It can also be useful for those with personal vehicles parked at a distance from their workstations.
  • Walkers who want to have a ride as they enjoy the scenery – The ES1 goes up hills easily and this will help you cover more distance without straining your body.
  • Shoppers who have parked their vehicles at a distance from the mall will find this e-scooter helpful.
  • Anyone interested in easing their movement around their neighborhood or while touring other locations.
  • Perfect for areas where streets may be narrow and unsuitable for vehicles.


Why We Like It

The ES1 has proved itself as a versatile e-scooter for the modern, tech-savvy commuter with a sense of style. We like the Segway ES1 e-Scooter because of its advanced features and high performance. The improved rubber wheels ensure a good grip on the riding surface, the heavy-coil suspension ensures a smoother ride and the LED lights help to keep you safe when you are riding in the dark.

The features that stand out for us are:

• The in-built regenerative breaking is an important feature that helps to keep a consistent speed when moving downhills. This kind of breaking is done in combination with the normal breaking and not only ensures the safety of the rider but has the advantage of using less charge enabling you to save on the battery.

• The foot pads’ design allows for easy cleaning to keep your scooter sparkly.

• The e-scooter is lightweight and can be carried without difficulty. It’s almost the size of a longboard making it easy to fit in your trunk.

If you’re a commuter out there seeking a decent “last mile” solution or something to ease your movement in the neighborhood, we would recommend that you lay your hands on the ES1. It is a top-of-the-range e-scooter with excellent handling and impressive features.

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