Looking for the latest and greatest toys and inventions for kids can be a grueling process. How do you know if the toy is cool, or if it’s outdated? You can always get them a video game or a doll, but what if they already have those? Not to mention the fact that we all know kids these days need to get outside a little more. Luckily, we’ve found a solution to this problem!

The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is a unique and exciting scooter that does all kinds of cool stuff. It glows when you turn the handlebar, it blasts up to speeds of 10 MPH, and it’s mega-sturdy and durable. You don’t have to worry about falling over because of the wide base and supportive wheels make it easy to stay balanced. There’s no way that anyone would ever turn down one of the electric scooters as a gift. Don’t you wish they had these when you were growing up? They’re fun, electric, and they’re far different from the rest of the crowd. While all the other kids are indoors playing video games, yours can be outside getting exercise and enjoying their razor electric scooter.

Now we understand that one of the first things you might be thinking about is safety, and we thought about that too. Any time we research a product, we make sure that it’s durable enough to recommend. The reliable braking system and metal build make this scooter one of the most trustworthy models on the market. While other competitors try to cut corners and produce cheap knock-offs, Razor has always produced high-quality products that never let us down. They produce stylish and unique inventions for all ages, and the E100 electric scooter is no different! Combining safety with style, this scooter is truly one of the coolest things on the market.

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


Key Features Of The Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Glowing Feature

It’s in the name, but what on this electric scooter glows? With a slight twist of the handlebar, the base of the scooter (where the rider stands) lights up with bright neon lights. It looks even cooler when they’re riding down the street flashing off their colors!
The light from the base of the scooter is bright enough to light up the rider at night, and even guide their way down the street. When riding any vehicle, it’s important to stay lit up at all times of the day. Illuminating your path not only guides you around the area, but it also lets other driver, riders, and walkers see you.

Instead of mounting a blaring white light on the front of the scooter as many other scooters have, Razor managed to make the safety system a cool, inventive part of the electric scooter without taking away from its appearance. It’s so awesome looking that anyone riding this will want to use it without even thinking about safety as a boring part of the ride!


Remember what we said about Razor always incorporating safety? The steel frame of this electric scooter back up these claims by providing a comfortable yet durable ride. Nothing about this scooter feels too block, it’s just the right amount of power combined with safety to give the ultimate experience.

Also, the braking system is as simple as can be. Most other scooters require the user to stop the acceleration by stepping on the ground, which damages and tears apart their shoe. However, Razor thought this one through and included a handbrake on the left handlebar. This allows for easy and quick braking in any situation.

The front tire is 200mm thick and unpoppable, which prevents any issues down the road. The thickness of the tire also helps navigate through bumpy roads and sidewalks which otherwise might knock the rider off of the scooter. The width of the base of the E100 also helps give a little bit of stability, which makes these bumps even easier to ride over.

Battery Life and Charge Rate

You might be a little concerned with the battery life of this thing, especially since it’s so affordable. We were worried at first due to the large body size along with the light feature. However, we were surprised to find out that the battery life and charge time isn’t that bad at all when compared to other brands.
For max charging, you should charge the E100 scooter for up to 24 hours. That being said, the regular charging time recommendation is only 12 hours. This might seem like a lot, but 12 hours of charge time actually means you can just charge it overnight and use this thing daily!
The battery itself lasts for 40 minutes of continuous riding time. This doesn’t mean that after 40 minutes it’ll shut down, but after 40 minutes of actually riding. Unless you plan to ride this scooter in one direction without stopping for 40 minutes, you should be able to get a bit more out of it. They say that you should get an hour outdoors playing a day, and this scooter’s battery life gets you to just about that!

boy in blue shirt riding a glowing scooter


+ Great durability with a trust-worthy brand. Razor is the #1 company in scooters, trikes, and much more. They never cut corners, which is why the E100 electric scooter is such a hot seller constantly.
+ The lights on the base of the scooter illuminate the way, which saves you from using a flashlight or headlight. It’s also an excellent way to show other people where you are and how fast you’re moving.
+ The handbrake on this scooter is noteworthy for many reasons, mainly due to the ease of access. Having to slam your shoe down on the ground to slowly stop a scooter is never a safe method. All it does is ruin your shoe and it takes twice as long to brake.
+ The tire thickness and wide base make it easy to ride over most sidewalks and streets without letting small bumps and cracks slow you down. Where most other scooters settle for smaller tire width, the E100 continues to overshadow them with 200mm wheels.


– A 12 hour charge time might be inconvenient for some since it takes a large portion of the day. However, all you have to do is charge it overnight to eliminate this issue and get back to cruising around the block!
– At 32 pounds, this electric scooter might be a little bit heavy for some users to pick up. That being said, once you take it out of the packaging and assemble it, you’ll never really have to pick it up since it propels itself.

Who is it Suitable For?

This electric scooter is suitable for anyone looking to find the perfect gift for a kid (ages 8+). It’s a unique gift that’ll never be unforgotten. It allows for riders up to 120 pounds, which is a great range for almost any kid. You’ll never have to worry about that boring gift-giver that everyone knows won’t bring the cool stuff. Also, it gets your kid outside enjoying the world. Video games have brought so much of our youth indoors and prevented them from enjoying nature and just being outside in general.

It’s recommended that kids play outdoors for an hour a day, which is exactly how much time they’ll get with their E100 electric scooter. Another little bonus to this electric scooter is in the name: It’s electric! Many competitors use gas, which just makes our big pollution problem even worse. Electric scooters are a great way to reduce emissions and continue to educate our young on how important preservation is. Not only is your kid going to have a great time, but you can rest assured knowing that they’re safe and keeping the planet green.

Why We Like It

We not only like this scooter, but we also love it! We’ve said it time and time again, but finding the right gift is an incredibly challenging task these days. If it’s not a new video game system or a phone, then most kids don’t want to have it. However, you’ll be the sole reason that they get back outside and off the video games. They’ll thank you now for the gift, and later on down the road for getting them off the TV.

Another reason that we loved the E100 is that it’s incredibly safe and exciting at the same time. We’ve all had those bicycles with the obnoxiously bright lights on the end. Those lights seem to do nothing but blind other riders, drivers, and walking traffic. However, the unique floor lights on this scooter are just about the coolest safety feature of all kid inventions!

We’re all about finding the latest and greatest scooters, trikes, and bikes that keep everyone up excited and staying outdoors. Razor has continued to produce great quality work, and the second we saw their E100 Glow Electric Scooter, we knew we absolutely had to share it with you!

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