We’ve all been there. You’re out on your bike, riding on the open road, and all of a sudden, something feels different. You realize that you’ve got a puncture. That means you need to change your tube. Fortunately, this is an easy process that just about any cyclist can do, as long as you have the right tools. In this guide, you’ll find out exactly what you need to do to change your bike’s tube and get back on your bike quickly. Let’s get started with what you’ll need to change your bike tube.

What Is Needed to Change a Bike Tube?

To change the tube on your bike, you only need a wrench, a bike lever, and an air pump. If you haven’t got a bike lever, then a flat-head screwdriver should also do the job. And, remember, you’ll need a replacement tube, too.

Step #1 – Put the Bike in the Correct Position

Upside down bike

If you have a work stand for the bike, you want to put your bike upside down. If you don’t have one, then you can alternatively just turn the bike upside down. However, it would be good if you can find something to secure it in place. Some people tie a rope around a tree and then thread it through the bike frame to keep it stable.

If you have a geared bike, shift it so that the bike’s chain is on the outside gear.

Step #2 – Remove the Wheel with the Faulty Tube

Removing bicycle wheel

You need to take off the wheel with the damaged tube inside it.

To remove the wheel properly, you have to get hold of your trusty wrench and then start turning the nuts in the wheel’s center. As you loosen them, you may be able to remove the wheel, as it’s not required to remove them completely on some bikes. Always remember, if the nuts on the wheel are stiff and you’re having a lot of trouble turning them with your wrench, putting some lubricant on them can make the whole process easier.

Not all wheels will require you to use a wrench to remove the wheel. Many modern bikes include a ‘Quick-Release Function.’ If your bike has one, simply press the button, and you should be able to remove the wheel.

Step #3 – Take the Tire Off the Wheel

Removing bicycle tire

Before you can take the tire off the wheel, you need to deflate it. To do this, you need to find the valve, and then loosen the cap. You can then let the air out of the tire. There are many different types of valves on modern bikes, but you should figure out the method for deflating your specific tire once you’ve located the valve.

Now that the tire has deflated, you can remove it from the wheel. If you’ve got your plastic bike lever, then it’s time to use it, but if you don’t, then you’ll need your screwdriver. Many experts recommend that you don’t use metal to do this job as it could damage the wheel. But as long as you’re careful when prying away the outer tire from the metal, then you should be fine.

Start by focusing on one half of the wheel. Once you’ve eased approximately half of the tire away from the tire from the wheel, you should carefully remove the other half by pulling the outer tire from the wheel’s frame. Watch out for the valve stem as you’re doing this process. You don’t want to break it. So be careful when you take off the tire at the area with the valve stem.

Step #4 – Pull Out the Punctured Tube

Pulling out bike tube

You should now see the tube stuck to the rim of the tire’s frame. You want to pull this off the wheel. If you’re not planning on reusing the tube, then you may dispose of it.

Step #5 – Install the New Tube

Rear wheel tube

Before you can put the new tube on your bike, you will have to pump it up. But you don’t want to pump it all the way up. It’s best to pump it until it resembles the circular shape that it’s meant to.

Now that the tube is ready to go on the bike, you want to begin attaching it to your wheel where the valve stem is. It’s very important that this is where you begin. You then need to start feeding the new tube through the wheel’s rim. Keep doing this until you’ve managed to encircle the whole of the rim. Don’t rush this process. You want to make sure that you get it right.

Step #6 – Check the Tire and Reattach it to the Bike

Changing bike tire

Before you put your tire back onto your bike, you must inspect it. The puncture was likely caused by something, so you want to make sure that there still isn’t anything sharp wedged into the tire. It can be useful to clean up your tire as you do this.

Once you’re satisfied that the tire is in working order, you want to reattach it to the bike’s wheel. You simply need to work it onto the rim. This step can take a little bit of effort, but you should be able to do it by working around the wheel. Take one section of the tire at a time.

Step #7 – Inflate the Tire

Inflating bike wheel

Now that you’ve fitted the new tube, and your tire is on, you should go and get your air pump to inflate your tire. Each bike works at its best with a different amount of air pressure inside its tires. Ensure that you pump up your tires to the recommended amount for your bike. This information can be found in the instruction manual that came with your bike, or if your bike is new, you should be able to find it online.

Step #8 – Put the Wheel Back on the Bike

Man cleaning bike wheel

You just need to reverse the process that you did when you took the wheel off your bike. That means tightening some nuts, or, if it has a ‘Quick Release Function’, then simply click the wheel back in place. And that’s it. Now you’ve replaced the tube inside your bike. You can get back on your bike and enjoy cycling it just like you did before your puncture.