Investing in an electric bike is a wise idea. It’s an efficient, economical form of transport that’s kind to the environment. But the one issue that some people come up against when thinking about getting one is the cost. We’re going to answer all the important questions here, so that you’ll know exactly how much an e-bike will cost you, not just to buy but to maintain too.

What Types of Electric Bikes Are Available?

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There are a couple of different types of electric bikes available.

The most common type is a commuter e-bike. These are the ones that you’ll see gliding through your city or town. They’re built for more than just commuting, though. You can use them for pleasure, too. If you’re looking for an electric bike for general, day-to-day riding around a town, city, or on standard roads, then a commuter e-bike is the one you want.

If you’re planning on riding on trails or exploring the great outdoors on your future e-bike, then you’ll want to purchase an off-road model. These bikes are designed for rugged, uneven terrain, and for going up hills. There are a couple of different versions of off-road e-bikes, including fat tire e-bikes.

Some less common e-bikes include electric cargo bikes, which are ideal for delivery people or anyone who needs to be able to transport cargo when cycling. It’s also possible to purchase a foldable e-bike. Some of the big bike brands like Brompton have a couple of foldable models to choose from.

How Much Does an Electric Bike Cost to Buy?

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Electric bikes are more expensive than a standard bike, but they’re far cheaper than a car. You can find commuter bikes under $1,000. Although, anything that costs you less than a grand is considered a budget e-bike, and, as with any budget purchase, you’ll get lower quality than if you spend a bit more. The majority of e-bikes cost between $1,500 and $3,000. It’s possible to find bikes under this price and above it, but you can easily find a high-quality e-bike in this price range. That goes for all different types of e-bikes, whether they’re built for regular use or for riding off-road.

When you purchase an electric bike, you may want to consider buying a second battery pack, as this means you’ll be able to double your cycling range. These packs aren’t very big, so you can keep them in a bag or put them in the bike’s basket.

You’ll also want to buy the correct safety gear. Electric bikes can travel at quite a speed. And you need to ensure that you’re protected from any possible accident. A helmet is necessary, and safety experts also recommend that you should wear elbow and kneepads.
A good bike lock is important, too. If you’re spending a few thousand on your electric bike, then you need to keep it safe. Spending $100 on a bike lock might seem like a lot, but it’s worth it to ensure that your bike isn’t stolen.

What Other Costs Are Involved in Owning an Electric Bike?

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E-bikes have a motor and a battery, and as you’d expect, this means that a few extra costs are involved in running them.

Firstly, you will need to charge the battery, and that will come out of your electricity bill. But you shouldn’t worry. You won’t notice a drastic change in the amount that your provider charges you. We’ll spare you the algebra, but it works out at around five cents for the average American to charge a standard battery on an e-bike. Even if you charge it once a day, that only works out at $1.50 in a thirty-day month. If you’re planning on using the electric bike instead of a car to commute to work, then you can see how much cheaper it is to run an electric bike than an automobile. It’s unlikely you’d only spend $1.50 on gas.

Secondly, some maintenance costs accompany owning an electric bike. If you’re going to spend $2,000 on purchasing it, then you want to do all you can to keep it working perfectly. Just like a car, you want to take it for a service twice a year. If you ride the bike a lot, then you might want to take it to your local bike workshop every 500 miles. They’ll check everything is still working okay, replace any parts that aren’t up to scratch, and the whole tune-up will set you back $100 at the very most. Some bike mechanics will charge a lot less. Always compare prices before choosing where to take your electric bike for a service.

You can always end up puncturing a tire, so you have to consider the cost of replacing this part. That goes for any other part of your bike. But these costs aren’t too high. Whatever means of transport you use, there’s a chance that something will go wrong, and then it’s possible that your electric bike functions perfectly for years without you ever needing to replace a single part.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Buying an Electric Bike?

If the cost of purchasing and maintaining an electric bike seems too high for you, but you still want to gain some of the benefits of cycling an electric bike, you could consider buying an electric bike conversion kit. These kits will allow you to turn a regular bike into an electric one. It isn’t quite the same as having a proper electric bike, but it certainly has a lot of advantages, and the main one is that you can get an electric bike conversion kits for a few hundred dollars.


Electric bikes are fantastic. They’re a clean, efficient form of transport that’s perfect for commuters who want an alternative to their car. It can cost quite a bit to purchase an electric bike, but once you’ve made the original purchase, then maintaining and fuelling the bike is rather cheap.