If you’re all about speed, then you’ll probably be keen to know what the fastest electric scooters on the market are, so you can get onto the open road and feel the wind in your face. But speed isn’t the only feature of electric scooters that you should be looking out for. If you’re going to be quick, then you want to be safe, and quality brakes are important for that.

Wide, durable tires will also enhance the rideability of an electric scooter. And as the scooter is electric, then it will need a battery that offers a good amount of range before you need to charge it again, especially if you’re looking for a new scooter to ride for your daily commute.

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We’re going to have a look at the fastest electric scooters on the market, which are safe to ride and a solid investment. And then there’s a buying guide, so you know what the key features are to look out for when making your purchase.

1. (Best Overall) Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter


If you’re planning on riding your electric scooter at high speed, then you’ll need good quality brakes too, and this e-scooter has an exceptional anti-lock braking system that is both powerful and effective. The Dualtron Thunder is a quick scooter too, though, as it has 5,400w dual motors that will get you up to speeds of at least 50 mph. And, another great feature of the Dualtron Thunder is the range that you get from the battery, which is a whopping 80 miles. Everything about this electric scooter is high-quality, including the tubeless, wide tires, and the ‘Easy Wheel’ system. You can also easily adjust the suspension so that you can be sure that it suits the sort of terrain that you’re riding over.

+ Anti-Lock Braking System
+ 50mph+ Top Speed
+ Adjustable Suspension
+ 80 Miles Range
+ LED Illumination System

Why We Liked It – The Dualtron Thunder is simply one of the best electric scooters around. It’s quick, safe, and handles like a dream—a pleasure to ride at any speed.

2. (Premium Quality) DUALTRON X



This is another premium scooter from Dualtron that offers a lot of the same benefits as the Dualtron Thunder and has some added extras, which push up the price tag a little, but it’s well worth the extra dollars for the quality that you get. The top speed that you can get up to on this scooter is 55 mph. And you can ride all day, as it has a battery that’s got a range of 93 miles.

It takes approximately 7.5 hours to charge it up to full power. It’s fine for all riders who weight under 265lbs. The build quality is as high as you’d expect from Dualtron, and this electric scooter has been constructed from high-grade materials, with aviation-grade aluminum being used for the frame and handles, and SCM440 steel for the shaft.

+ Hydraulic Brakes
+ Can Go 55 mph+
+ Long battery life
+ 6,720 Dual Motors
+ Premium Materials

Why We Liked It – This is a premium scooter that delivers quality in every area, with a long-life battery, a 55 mph maximum speed, and high-quality materials that make it very durable and robust.

3. (Great Value) Mercane WideWheel

Mercane WideWheel


With two electric 500w motors, this low-priced scooter offers a huge amount of bang for the buck, topping out at a whopping 25 mph, which is very fast for a scooter in this price range. Electric scooters have to be safe too, of course, and this one is, as it’s got rear disc brakes and calipers that have been tested to ensure quality and safety on every single scooter.

The wide wheels make it easy to maneuver, especially over rugged terrain. One other excellent feature of this e-scooter is the large display screen, which tells you everything you need to know when you’re out riding, including the speed you’re traveling at. It can be folded up into a compact shape that makes it a breeze to store at home, work, or school.

+ Dual 500w Motors
+ 25mp Top Speed
+ Safe Brakes
+ Range of 20 Miles
+ Wide Wheels

Why We Liked It – This electric scooter might not be the very fastest you can find, but in its price range it is one of the best, and it certainly goes quick, while remaining safe, durable, and portable thanks to its ability to be folded into a compact shape.

4. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11


This is a great fast electric scooter for taking into the great outdoors for a ride. It’s been built specifically for that purpose, and that means that it has front and rear hydraulic brakes, as well as 11″ tubeless tires. You can get it up to 50 mph, as well. The full suspension system is perfect for bumps or uneven ground.

There’s also no need to worry about the lithium battery dying on you while you’re out and about, as it offers a range of 70 miles from a single charge. It’s possible to ride it at night, as it has LED lights on the front, side, and rear. Inclines aren’t an issue thanks to the two 1,200w brushless motors, which means that any incline up to 30% won’t cause this electric scooter any issues at all.

+ Top Speed of 50 MPH
+ 70 Miles Range
+ LED Lights
+ Ideal for Off-Road Riding
+ Excellent Shock Absorption Suspension System

Why We Liked It – This is one of those electric scooters that it’s easy to love. It’s great for taking out of the town and onto some rocky ground. And it has more than enough power to handle inclines too.

5. Speedway IV

Speedway IV


Speedway Electric Scooters has excelled itself with this fast electric scooter. This is one of those scooters that you could easily take for a ride around town or into the woods for some off-road riding, as it has dual hub motors that combine to give you a total power output of 3,600w. That’s more than enough to power you up an incline of 37%.

This powerful electric scooter also has dual air spring suspension to offer you shock absorption when you need it. If you want to check what speed the scooter is going, then you can look at the large LCD screen, which also will tell you how much battery capacity is left. When it comes to speed, this electric scooter delivers too, offering you a top speed of 40 mph.

+ Maximum speed of 40 mph
+ LCD Screen
+ Dual Air Spring Suspension
+ Long Battery Life
+ Can Climb 37% Inclines

Why We Liked It – Speedway Electric Scooters is one of the best manufacturers of electric scooters around, and this electric scooter is perfect proof of why, as it has everything, from quality brakes to long battery life, as well as being a very comfortable scooter to ride, whether around town or off-road.

6. Qiewa Q1 Hummer

Qiewa Q1 Hummer


This fast electric scooter from Qiewa scooters is built for speed, which is what makes it one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. The key to speed is the power offered by the 800w brushless motor that will get you up to a top speed of 37 mph. Another factor that contributes to this high speed electric scooter’s ability to ride fast is how light it is, weighing only 27kg. And despite it being light, it isn’t one of those scooters that are only for children, as it can handle a maximum weight of 280kg. To keep this powerful electric scooter safe from thieves, it has an alarm. The lithium battery that it uses to power it will give you a range of between 60 miles and 65 miles, depending on the speed you’re riding it.

+ 37 mph Top Speed
+ One of the Lightest Electric Scooters on the Market
+ Anti-Theft Alarm
+ IP65 Waterproof
+ Double Disc Brakes

Why We Liked It – It’s one of the fastest electric scooters on the market with a top speed of 37 mph. It’s also lightweight, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to be able to store their electric scooter indoors, as it’s easy to lift.




This is another excellent scooter from Speedway Electric Scooters. As with a lot of scooters that Speedway Electric Scooters makes, this one looks fantastic, thanks to a sleek, eye-catching design. But it doesn’t just look good. It’s fast too. It’ll get you up to 28 mph without any difficulties at all, which is due to 1,360w hub motors that produce enough power to ride up inclines of 27%, depending on your weight. The 48v battery will power you for 30 miles from a single charge. Speedway Electric Scooters are always built to last, and this scooter is certainly durable, as it has 8″ tires, with the rear tire completely solid.

+ Regenerative Electric Drum Brakes
+ Looks Great
+ Enough Power for 27% Inclines
+ Durable Tires
+ 28 Mph Top Speed

Why We Liked It – It’s a powerful electric scooter from Speedway Electric Scooters that looks lovely, is lightweight, and offers a lot of power so that you can ride it very fast. A good choice for anyone who likes speed and wants to look good while you ride around a city or town.

8. Mantis PRO

Mantis PRO


This is one of the best electric scooters for anyone who wants the option to ride both in a city or the countryside. It’s got everything in abundance, including, of course, speed, and that’s down to a two brushless 1,000w hub motors that combine to power you to a top speed of 40 mph. Mantis Scooters have also incorporated a quality lithium battery into this scooter so that you can ride for 50 miles from a single charge of the battery. This fast electric scooter is also very light, weighing only 65 lbs. And that means that you can stop quickly and effectively, especially as this electric scooter has dual semi-hydraulic disc brakes.

+ Long Life Lithium Battery
+ Hydraulic Brakes
+ 40 Mph Top Speed
+ Range of 50 Miles
+ 2 x 1,000w Brushless Motors Deliver a Lot of Power

Why We Liked It – Mantis Scooters are always reliable. And that’s exactly what this scooter is. It’s ideal for a commute to work or some weekend fun in the woods. It’s got speed, power, a long-life battery, and looks great too.

Fastest Electric Scooters Buyers Guide

Buying a fast electric scooter isn’t just about looking at the top speed. You’ve got to make sure that you check the following key features on all the scooters that you look at so that you invest your money in a quick, safe, and durable scooter that’s built to last.


electric scooter handlebar top view

The brakes are one of the most important features on an e-scooter for keeping you safe, regardless of the speed that it goes. Scooters tend to feature either a disk brake system or an ABS brake system. Both are good, but the innovative ABS is probably the most effective of the two systems. You’ll find that the ABS brakes are fitted on both the front and back of the scooter, which means that you get a more consistent, stable brake when you’re stopping at high speeds. Generally, quick electric scooters should have a brake system that’s sufficient for high speeds, and as long as you purchase an e-scooter from a reputable company, then the brakes should be fine.


Motors will define the power of a scooter. These motors will then alter how quickly the scooter can go, as well as what levels of incline that the scooter can handle (although this will vary depending on the weight of the rider).

The more power that the single or dual motors offer, then the more speed that you’ll be able to get up to. The top speed of scooters ranges quite widely. You may find some scooters that can go 30 mph, others that will even go double that speed. Although it’s important to remember that there are speed limits in some countries. Just like cars, it’s possible to get up to very high speeds, but e-scooters should always be ridden responsibly, as this will keep you and those around you safe.

When it comes to the incline that you’re able to ride with electric scooters, then this will usually be referred to in a percentage gradient. The maximum incline that the most powerful e-scooters tend to be able to handle is somewhere around 40%.

Battery Life

charging the electric scooter battery at home.

Electric scooters tend to include a rechargeable lithium battery. Although some manufacturers might tell you how long the battery lasts in terms of time, it is more likely that the ‘range’ of the battery is referred to, which is the amount of distance that it can travel going at a consistent speed without needing to be charged. You’ll see scooters advertising a range of 60 miles or 45 miles, for example. When you’re looking at range, you must make sure that you check that it will be sufficient for your needs. This is especially important if you intend to commute on the e0scooter. If your office is 25 miles away from where you live, then a range of 45 miles won’t be enough. Of course, the range that you get will also depend on the speed. If you’re traveling at 30 mph, then your battery will last less than if you’re traveling at 50 mph, as you’re using more power.

Charging Time

Charging an e-scooter isn’t quite as quick as charging your smartphone. And the amount of time that it takes is important, especially if you’re a commuter. Always make sure to check this number. If you’re going to need to charge your scooter every night when you get home, then you want to know that it won’t take all evening. Of course, the longer you charge it, the more electricity it will require too.

Extra Features

electric scooter near blue concrete wall

Some electric scooters have handy extra features that can make riding your scooter more fun and safer too.

LED lights are quite common in e-scooters. These will keep you visible at night, and this is important if you’re going to be scooting home during dark evenings in the wintertime.

A large screen is another handy feature. It allows you to check what speed you’re going. And it can also tell you what the current state of your battery is, so you don’t get caught short. If they have a backlight, then this is useful so that you can see the screen even when it is dark outside. Again, another handy feature for the winter.

What is the fastest scooter you can buy?

The quickest scooters on the market will have a top speed of around 55 mph or more. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a scooter that can go faster than this. Dualtron is known for producing the fastest e-scooters on the market, and its Thunder and X scooters both can travel quicker than 55 mph. Depending on where you live, you may find that some scooters are fitted with devices that limit how quickly you can travel, which is down to the laws within that country. So, even though some scooters can travel 60 mph, they may have this regulator built into them so that you cannot ride the scooter over the limit, which will alter depending on what country or state that you live in. These regulators can be removed quite easily, but manufacturers highly recommend that people do not do this for safety reasons.

How fast does the fastest electric scooter go?

You can get past 60 mph on some electric scooters. How quickly one person will go on the same scooter as another is down to weight. But the quickest electric scooters on the market tend to have a maximum speed somewhere between 55 mph and 60 mph.

How fast does a 2,000w electric scooter go?

It will depend on the scooter, the rider, and a few other components, but you’ll find that 2,00w scooters will usually travel between 40 mph and 50 mph.

How fast does a 1,000w scooter go?

Again, it will entirely depend on the specific scooter, as a budget 1,000w scooter might not go as quick as a premium e-scooter with the same sized motor. You could easily find 1,000w scooters that travel quicker than 35 mph.

Expert Tip

If you’re planning on using your scooter in a city, then it’s important you can lock it up and keep it safe. An alarm system is an excellent feature for making sure your scooter isn’t stolen. And being able to collapse it into a compact shape can be handy for bringing it indoors too.

Did you know?

Motorized scooters might seem like a new invention, but they’ve been around since the 1910s when German company, Krupp, sold the Autoped, which is generally recognized as the first stand-up scooter with an engine ever created. They are, of course, no longer in production.


Now you know what the fastest electric scooters on the market are. And you also know that the best scooters will not just be quick but safe too. The key to safety is a good set of brakes, as well as wide, durable tires. Your future scooter needs to have a long battery range, so you don’t end up stranded on your commute home, and short charging time is a handy feature too. Power is, of course, important too. And for an electric scooter to be powerful, then it needs quality motors. Make sure to check that the fast electric scooter can handle your weight. And if you plan to keep it indoors, then the ability to fold it into a compact shape is useful too.

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