You won’t get the most out of your electric scooter unless you have a good set of tires. It’s a key feature of an electric scooter that you should consider before purchasing one. This guide will answer the most important questions related to electric scooter tires. Let’s get started.

What Are the Three Types of Electric Scooter Tires?

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Electric scooter tires fall into three different categories. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a look at each separately.

TYPE 1 – Air-Filled Tires without a Tube

These are the first type of air-filled tires that you’ll find on an electric scooter. These tires are commonly referred to as tubeless pneumatic tires, and you’ll find them on most up-market electric scooters.

As the name suggests, these tires do not have a tube inside them. That means that the tire is simply sealed against the rim of the wheel directly. You might recognize tubeless tires from bicycles, as they have become increasingly common on off-road bikes over the last few years.

The reason why these tires are so good is simply because they are robust and durable. It’s difficult to puncture them. But, if you do get a puncture, then you’re in trouble, as they can be extremely difficult to change. Often, you’ll need to take your scooter to a professional to do it for you. It might even require other parts of your scooter needing to be replaced along with the tire.

TYPE 2 – Air-Filled Tires with an Inner-Tube

These are the second type of pneumatic tires that you’ll find on an electric scooter. As you might have guessed, the difference between these tires and the tubeless tires is the internal tube inside the shell of the tire. The tube contains air, whereas the shell is made from a hard material, and it has tread on it for keeping friction with the ground.

Unlike tubeless tires, if you get a puncture, then you don’t need to replace the whole tire. It’s actually possible to repair the inner tube, although you might wish to ask a professional to do this for you. These tires offer a good combination of robustness and bounce. They’re very common on electric scooters for a reason.

TYPE 3 – Filled Tires

These tires go by various names, and you’ll find slight differences between the variations, but the central element of these tires remains the same, which is that they are completely solid. This instantly gets rid of the worry of a puncture. Although, there are many drawbacks with these tires, which are often constructed from rubber or plastic. There is a reason why cars and bikes have air-filled tires, as opposed to solid tires. You don’t get the same give when you have filled tires, meaning that you will feel everything that you ride over. Another negative for these tires is that they can wear down after prolonged use, especially over bumpy, rugged terrain.

They are, however, very cheap to make, and that’s why they’re used on lots of electric scooters. Generally, though, they are found on low-end scooters.

Which Type of Electric Scooter Tire Lasts the Longest?

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It depends. It’s possible to get a puncture on your first day riding a scooter with air-filled tires, whether they are tubeless or have an inner tube. Of course, that goes for any air-filled tire. You can puncture your car tire each time you step in the car. But it’s unlikely. Basically, a tubeless tire will give you perfect performance until you get a puncture. An air-filled tire with an inner tube will also perform perfectly until you get a puncture, but you will only need to fix or repair the inner tube. Although, the outer shell can wear away over time too. And filled, solid tires will eventually wear down over time, as well. They can be cheaply and easily replaced, though.

How Easy Is It to Change an Electric Scooter Tire?

It depends on the type of tire. But it’s unlikely you will be able to change a tubeless tire without the help of a professional. You can learn how to patch up inner tube tires, and you may also be able to replace them easily, but it will depend on your scooter, as well as how comfortable you feel doing it. And solid tires are the easiest of all the tires to change.

How Expensive Are Replacement Electric Scooter Tires?

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Tubeless tires are the most expensive to replace, but it’s possible to get a good set for around $30. If you want quality, then you may want to spend a few dollars more.

Air-filled tires with an inner tube are slightly cheaper, but you won’t always need to replace these tires. It’s possible just to repair the inner tube – or get a professional to replace the inner tube – which won’t set you back a lot of cash.

You can get filled tires in a variety of prices. It depends on what type you want. It’s possible to pay anywhere from $15 to more than $50.

Where Can You Buy Replacement Electric Scooter Tires?

The internet is a good place to find tires for electric scooters. There are lots of websites that specialize in scooter parts. If you want to find a professional to fit them for you, then you do not need to go specifically to a scooter shop or workshop. Most bike experts will have the necessary skills to sort out your scooter wheels.


There are three different electric scooter tires to choose from. If you want the best quality, then you should never buy filled, solid tires, as they make riding your scooter a lot less comfortable than you would like it to be. To truly enjoy your electric scooter experience, then buying air-filled tires is the best option. Air-filled tires without a tube inside them are known for delivering the smoothest ride, but if you get a puncture, then you won’t be able to repair them.