Scooter riding and using an electric scooter is super fun to get involved in. You can use your scooter in the skate park or as a commuting tool. Like anything, however,it can be a little bit dangerous if you’re not careful. The absolutely essential precaution for riding a scooter is wearing a safe helmet. There’s no reason why a helmet has to be a burden. You can think of it more as a fashion accessory! There are plenty of different designs to choose from so that you can purchase one that’s right for you. The essential criteria is, of course: safety. Helmets prevent serious head-injury and should be worn at all times while riding.

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In this article, we’ve surveyed a bunch of different helmets with various features. For each one we’ve listed what makes them a contender. There’s something for everyone in the list.

1. Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding

Triple 8 Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding


This is a comfortable, great-looking helmet. It is designed for skateboarding use and is the helmet worn by Tony Hawk. The Triple 8 has a multi-impact design, so it keeps you safe from several angles. The defining feature is the Sweatsaver liner which is a micro-fiber band that lines the forehead. It is a moisture-wicking layer that limits sweat drippage.

If you live in a hot climate, then the Sweatsaver would be incredibly useful. The liner makes the helmet extremely comfortable, even when being worn for long periods. It has a rubberized finish that looks fantastic with a red interior. It has a fully adjustable strap and comes in a range of sizes, so it will fit your head comfortably.

+ Multi-impact design
+ Sweatsaver liner
+ Adjustable strap
+ Rubberized finish
+ Extremely comfortable

Why We Like It – This helmet prioritizes comfort. Say goodbye to an itchy head when you make this purchase. Keeps you safe while looking great.

2. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC ASTM

JBM Skateboard Helmet


This helmet is a traditional design with a durable, tough shell and a softer liner. This works to maximize impact resistance, meaning the helmet (instead of your head) absorbs any external pressure. It’ll give you the confidence to use your adult kick scooter in any situation. The helmet has been designed for multiple sports so you could happily wear it on your bike or skateboard.

For helmets, ventilation is a really key concern. This helmet has been designed with multiple vents and breathable foam, reducing sweat and keeping you cool. It is CPSC and ASTM certified, meaning you can ride with safety. It comes in a range of colors and sizes, allowing you to pick something that’s just right for you.

+ Well ventilated
+ Classic design
+ Multi-use potential
+ CPSC and ASTM certified
+ Great color choice

Why We Like It – A good value, safety-certified helmet. The color selection is really nice with a kind of matte/satin finish. It won’t break the bank either.

3.  Triple 8 Dual Certified Multi-Sport Helmet

Triple 8 Dual Certified Multi-Sport Helmet


This is another great helmet from Triple 8. It complies with U.S. CPSC safety standards for bike helmets, so you know that it has a good protection level. Again, it has the potential to be used in a variety of ways. It’s more streamlined than a classic helmet, offering you a great level of protection without the usual bulk and additional weight. Externally it has an ABS outer shell and then has an internal EPS liner.

It even has the renowned Sweatersaver pads included. It ships with two sets of pads allowing you to customize it to your perfect fit. The helmet was designed with New York City in mind, so you know that it’s perfect for urban use. Comes in a range of matte and metallic designs.

+ Dual certified
+ Sweatsaver band included
+ ABS shell
+ Streamlined design
+ Made for urban use

Why We Like It – A lot of helmets can feel like they restrict your movement and freedom. Because of the streamlined design, this helmet feels incredible without compromising on safety.

4. Pro-Tec – Classic Skate

Pro-Tec - Classic Skate


A classically designed helmet from a very reputable company. It has a high-impact ABS shell and then a 2-stage foam liner. The two stages transition from soft to hard, moving away from the head towards the shell. This offers a really comfortable and safe helmet. It has 11 strategically placed vents to keep you cool while getting about. It has a moisture wicking liner which will work against sweat build-up and drippage. It has webbed nylon straps that are easily adjustable for a perfect fit. It comes in a range of some beautiful gloss colors and offers some options in matte. You can’t really go wrong with a classic.

+ 2-stage liner
+ Pro-Tec original liner
+ Reputable, historic brand
+ Injection molded ABS shell
+ 11 vents

Why We Like It – A classic design from a classic manufacturer. It comes in a great range of options and is easy to adjust to your own size. A large number of vents helps to keep your head cool.

5. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet


This helmet is aimed at the youth market and has a slightly more angular design than most of the helmets reviewed. It complies with CPSC standards, so you have that added sense of safety. The Razor boasts superior quality with an edge design. The interior has ergonomic padding ensuring for a comfortable fit for your child.

Make sure you measure your child’s head as it fits sizes up to 23.5 inches. It has a range of padding so it can fit smaller heads and the padding can be swapped out as your child’s head grows. As you’d hope, there’s a great range of colors and aesthetic designs. These range from gloss pink to neon orange and will be sure to keep your child happy while they’re safe.

+ Safe design
+ Compliant with CPSC standards
+ Ergonomic interior padding
+ 17 vents
+ Huge range of fun colors and finishes

Why We Like It – This is an excellent choice for a child who’s just got a scooter. It’ll keep them safe while out and about, and they’ll be happy to wear it because of its comfort and looks.

6. Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi-Sport


This is a slightly more modern take on a classic design. It comes with 12 horizontally cut vents that give the helmet a distinctive, modern look. Like most of the helmets, it has a strong, protective ABS outer shell and it comes in a range of finishes. A really nice feature is the padded chin strap which means that a tight fit won’t irritate the skin. And, a tight strap is essential for maximum safety.

The helmet has an adjustable dial at the back of the helmet so a safe and comfortable fit can quickly be achieved, even if used by multiple wearers. This is also a useful feature for growing children. It comes in a range of matte finishes, some with additional graphics, that all look extremely cool and complement the horizontal vents.

+ Striking modern design
+ Comfort foam insets
+ 12 wide horizontal vents
+ Dial adjusted fit
+ Multi-purpose use

Why We Like It: – This is one of the best looking helmets we’ve reviewed. If you’re looking for something that steps away from a classic design, look no further. The dial adjustment for fit is also an extremely useful feature.

7. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter

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No products found.

This helmet has a simple but striking design. It is CPSC safety compliant, so you know that it has been put through its paces by the professionals. There are high-quality EPS on the interior, which effectively reduces any shock being absorbed by your head. It has a straightforward, almost minimalist design and it comes in a range of simple but chic matte finishes.

A particular favorite is the woodgrain finish, which is a beautifully unique design. It comes in three sizes, and the smaller sizes are definitely suitable for children. It’s a helmet with a straightforward and pleasing design that is definitely worth a look.

+ CPSC safety compliant
+ Simple, stylish finish
+ Different sizes available
+ Lightweight
+ Interchangeable pads

Why We Like It – Sometimes simple things look the best. There’s something undeniably cool about this helmet. Definitely check out the woodgrain finish for something a little more distinctive.

8. Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic

Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic


This is a fairly similar product to the Critical Cycles Classic Commuter. It has a more traditional design, and the vents are rounded instead of horizontal. It has the same ABS shell and high-quality EPS interior. Similarly, it is CPSC safety standard tested and approved. It is designed for multi-sport functionality and will keep you safe in a variety of scenarios. It has a fairly low profile for a standard helmet, meaning it feels and looks less bulky.

The helmet features premium Dewcollector interior padding which works by stopping perspiration and eliminating bacteria and odor. There’s a gentle lip at the back of the helmet which gives it an extra design dimension in addition to its safety. This is another opportunity to pick up that iconic Critical Cycles woodgrain finish.

+ Different sizing options
+ Dewcollector padding
+ Matte finishes
+ Great ventilation
+ Multi-use potentials

Why We Like It – Another great, straightforward helmet from Critical Cycles. If you want something with a more traditional shape while having that contemporary matte finish, this is a great option.

9. Fox Head Flight Sport Trail Bike

Fox Head Flight Sport Trail Bike


This helmet has been designed with dirt jumpers in mind. This means it offers very high levels of protection. There’s no reason why you or your child shouldn’t wear it for scooter-use, however. It prides itself on being a lightweight and comfortable helmet that cuts down on a lot of the bulk found in more traditional helmets. There are eight large bore vents, giving a very high level of ventilation. This in combination with the heat-sealed comfort liner makes for an incredibly comfortable wearing experience. It comes in a range of striking colors. There are plenty of metallic options on offer if that’s what you’re looking for.

+ 8 Bore vents
+ Heat sealed comfort liner
+ Designed for dirt jumpers
+ Dynamic design
+ Plenty of metallic options

Why We Like It – A helmet that’ll give off a serious impression. It’s made using great materials to offer you a sense of freedom while using. Of course, though, it has high protection standards.

10. ProRider BMX Bike & Skate Helmet

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No products found.

This is an excellent value helmet offering protection in a variety of sizes. It comes with an extra-small size ideal for young to very young children. It’s a classic design with a hard outer shell, and it complies with CPSC standards for helmet safety. It’s a bit on the bulky side, but you can’t really complain at the price. This being said, it is nice and lightweight so shouldn’t restrict you’re riding. It comes with an interchangeable set of sizing pads, meaning that it can be adapted for growing heads. The helmet comes in a variety of finishes both metallic and matte.

+ Great value
+ Extra small size option
+ Suitable for children
+ CPSC compliant
+ Classic skater look

Why We Like It – It’s an excellent value helmet that is very protective. It comes in a variety of different sizes so you’ll be confident of a good fit. It has that reassuring CPSC accreditation.

Scooter Helmet Buyers Guide

When purchasing your scooter helmet, there are a few things you should be considering. These include things like the material of the helmet and how well ventilated it is. You’ll usually be able to find out your answer by asking yourself what you’re going to use the helmet for. It depends on how you use your scooter to know how much protection you’re going to need.

Something that is also worth thinking about it what your helmet is going to look like. There’s nothing worse than not wanting to wear your helmet because you don’t like the way you look in it. Not wanting to wear your helmet will mean you won’t wear it which will make you unsafe. So, don’t compromise on aesthetics if they’re important to you! Luckily, there are some amazing options out there that will have you looking great while on your scooter.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve outlined some of the essential criteria you should have in mind when choosing your scooter helmet.


It is really, really important that your scooter helmet fits well. If it doesn’t fit, it isn’t safe. For this reason, helmet size is a really important consideration. Think about who is going to using the helmet. Is it just you? Or your child? Or maybe a few people might be using it.

If you plan on being the only user of the helmet, you can afford to get something that is non-adjustable. These are part of a more classic design and might have interchangeable pads that give you a snugger fit after you’ve selected your general size.

For children, make sure you measure their head before you make a purchase. Plenty of the helmets that we’ve reviewed have options small enough for children. Consider buying towards the lower end of the size so that your child can grow into it. If the helmet comes with interchangeable pads, they can be swapped out once the helmet gets too small. Never compromise on safety, though.

If you’re planning on sharing a helmet, definitely get something that is easily adjustable. You don’t want to have to be wasting ages trying to adjust your helmet before you ride. Some helmets have dial adjusters that make this super quick and easy.

Vents and Sweatbands

Using your scooter is exercise. This means you’re going to get hot which means you’ll sweat. Sweating makes wearing your scooter helmet itchy and uncomfortable. A well-ventilated helmet is really important.

Also, some people have hotter heads than others or live in hotter climates. If this is you, then think about looking at a helmet that is really well ventilated and has plenty of vents.

If you’re really prone to sweat, it might definitely be worth looking at one of the scooter helmets that have built-in sweat catching technology. There are often bands around the edge of the helmet that wick away sweat and prevent drippage. This usually makes the scooter helmet much more comfortable to wear.

The other thing to bear in mind is that vents are a really distinctive looking feature of any helmet. Rounded, tear-dropped shaped vents are very traditional and give the classic skater look. Horizontal vents are usually larger and better at ventilation. They also make your scooter helmet look a bit more modern.


All the helmets surveyed have a hard exterior (usually plastic) shell and an inner foam. The foam can vary in its softness/hardness from helmet to helmet. Some might be single density, and some might have dual or variable density. Neither one is necessarily more safe than the other, but a variable density foam might give you a bit more comfort. They tend to be a bit more expensive, though.

Safety Certifications

In the reviews above we’ve mentioned two safety certifications the CPSC and the ASTM. They both mean that the helmets have undergone specific testing to ensure they match up with specific standards.

CPSC is a certification that applies to bicycle helmets. By law, a bicycle helmet must meet the CPSC standard to be sold in the US market. There is no law specifically governing certification for scooter helmets.

The ASTM is a certification that applies to skateboard helmets. It is actually a higher level of certification as it requires a multi-impact helmet. In skateboarding, the collisions are rarer but more dangerous than cycling, so a sturdier and safer helmet is required.

In reality, using your scooter puts you at low risk of high-danger collisions. If, however, you plan on taking yourself to a skate park and performing dangerous tricks, you should definitely purchase a helmet with an ASTM certification, as your risk may be similar to that of a skateboarder.

Design and aesthetics

As we’ve written above, looks really do matter. Especially if your helmet is for a child, if that child doesn’t want to wear the helmet because it looks naff, then it’s a safety issue.

There are an extremely wide variety of options when it comes to how your scooter helmet looks. A really big thing you’ll want to consider is the finish on your helmet. The main options are gloss, metallic, or matte. The gloss is perhaps the most classic of the looks being shiny, polished and almost like a bowling ball.

A metallic finish is shiny too but contains flecks of highly reflective material. This means that the color doesn’t look like exactly the same tone all over. Sometimes, depending on the paint, it can look almost glittery. Matte finishes have become more and more popular. It means that the paint isn’t reflective at all, giving a high-quality, even tone. They look clean, neat and sort of minimalist. It’s a popular finish for a reason: it looks great. The first helmet reviewed has a rubberized finish which is something really unique.

The standard model that we’ve reviewed is based around a classic skater-inspired look. It’s been a popular style for years and keeps you safe while also allowing you to express yourself. There are some adaptations that can be made to it. These might include changing the style and size of the vents, or altering the shape a little, or giving it a lip at the back. A different shape can make you stand out from the crowd and can be just as important as the color.


Wherever you’re riding your scooter, it’s important to wear a helmet. If you’re planning on riding more aggressively and with an emphasis on tricks, then you should probably consider a helmet with respectable safety certification. If you’re using it to get around the city, then maybe something more straightforward would suit you fine.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you know that it’s going to be comfortable for you and that it will fit you. Also, take some time thinking about what kind of color and design best suit your personality and fashion sense. If you ride your scooter a lot then you’ll be wearing your helmet a lot: you want to make the right decision.


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