If you want your electric scooter to be able to last you a much longer time or you want to travel longer distances than what your current scooter allows you to, then it may be best to change your scooter battery. You can easily replace the battery of your electric scooter, and it is able to provide you with a lot more power, so it can really benefit you. Plus, it’s also cheaper than you purchasing a brand new electric scooter so it can work out a lot better in many ways.

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Therefore, we’ve put a list together of some of the five best Razor scooter batteries that have become available in 2022.

1. Razor E100 E125 E150 Electric

This battery can actually be mounted in any position that you desire it to be, which makes it very useful if you have an electric scooter. This is because it should be able to fit any make or any model very easily. It’s a rechargeable battery that has a voltage of 12. This battery is also able to resist any shocks that may head its way, and it’s also able to resist vibrations as well so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged at all. It also comes with a one year warranty, so if you do have any problems, then they can easily be resolved.

+ Mounts in any position
+ Universal
+ Rechargeable
+ 12 volts
+ One year warranty

Why We Like It – We liked this Razor electric scooter battery because it’s easy to install and it’s able to resist shocks and vibrations.

2. Razor 12 Volt 7Ah Electric Scooter Battery

If you’re looking for a new battery that is very easy to install, then this will be the best battery for you, this is because it has a slide on terminals. It will also be delivered to your door with a full charge so you can use it straight away if you want to, plus, this product actually includes two batteries, not just one and a wire harness. The battery is 12 volts and 7 Ah, plus, it’s suitable to replace a whole range of different batteries on different electric scooters, making it universal. It’s also not that heavy so it won’t weigh your scooter down at all when you’re using it.

+ Easy to install
+ Slide terminals
+ Fully charged when it arrives
+ Two batteries
+ 12 volts

Why We Like It – We liked this product because we found it very easy to install and you don’t have to worry about soldering at all.

3. Universal Power Group Set of 2 Razor E175 12 Volt 5AmpH

This battery can be used for a whole variety of things. You can easily use it to replace a battery on your electric scooter, or you can even use it to replace your battery on your wheelchair as well. It comes with two batteries, not just one, which makes this product a complete bargain. It is a 12-volt battery with 5 Ah. We also found that this battery was very easy to install and it really makes your electric scooter last a lot longer when you’re using it. Not only this, but we found it very light compared to other batteries, so it didn’t weigh the scooter down at all.

+ It has multiple uses
+ Two batteries
+ 12 volt
+ Easy to install
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – We like this Razor scooter battery because it’s so light and when you ride your electric scooter you can instantly feel this

4. Neptune Razor E100/E125 Version 16+

This Razor scooter battery is definitely one that you should consider purchasing, this is because it comes with a 12-month warranty, so if you have any problems, it can easily get sorted out. The battery is also very easy and quick to recharge so you won’t have to wait a long time at all. It’s also very lightweight so you won’t feel any extra weight on your electric scooter. Not only this, but you get two batteries when you purchase this product, not just one, so you will have an extra that you can keep on charge at home and then just simply switch the batteries to save you time.

+ 12-month warranty
+ Quick recharge rate
+ Lightweight
+ Two batteries
+ Easy to use

Why We Like It – We liked this product because the Razor scooter battery is so easy to install and you can use the same wires you already have on your electric scooter too.

5. Beiter DC Power Razor E100 Electric Scooter Battery 12V

This Razor scooter battery actually comes with two batteries that are able to make your life a whole lot easier. This is because while you’re using one battery, you can keep the other one on charge. This battery is only compatible with certain Razor electric scooters so you will need to check the description before you purchase this product. It also includes resetting wires so you won’t have to purchase any separately. When this battery arrives at your door, it will be fully charged so you can use one straight away if you wish. Plus, it’s lightweight too so it won’t weigh you down when you’re riding your electric scooter.

+ Two batteries
+ Only compatible with certain models
+ Includes reset wires
+ Arrives fully charged
+ Lightweight

Why We Like It – We liked this Razor scooter battery because it includes everything that you need to be able to install it and get it working.

Razor Scooter Battery Buyers Guide

It can be difficult to decide what Razor scooter battery is best for your electric scooter and a lot of them can have a lot of different features that you will need to compare. We’ve discussed some of the things that you need to look out for in our buyers guide just below.

How many batteries you get

This is an important thing that you will need to find out, and you can find this out in the description of the product. You will also need to find out how many batteries your electric scooter requires, because some may only require one while others will require two. Therefore you will need to know how many you have to order and this could make a big price difference if you decide to purchase a product that only provides you with one battery when you need to have two.

Battery weight

This is also another factor that you’re going to definitely want to look out for because if you purchase a battery that’s really heavy, it’s going to weigh your electric scooter down a lot. This means that it will end up using a lot more power out of the battery if it’s heavier because it will take more power to be able to move it. You can easily check how much each battery will weigh in the description of the product.

Buyers guide questions

How to replace a Razor scooter battery?

When your new Razor battery scooter arrives, you will need to then install it on to your electric scooter. The process is very simple and shouldn’t take you a long time at all. Before you do anything, you will need your scooter and a set of tools that include a screwdriver.

To be able to access the battery you will need to take off the piece of plastic that your feet normally stand on. You can do this by unscrewing the screws around it with a screwdriver. Once you have done this, you will then need to lift the plastic off. There will be a strap that covers the battery, and you will need to remove the screws from this as well with the screwdriver. You do need to be careful when you’re removing the battery because there may be acid near it.

If you find any acid, then put some baking soda over it. When you lift the battery up you will notice that the battery and scooter have been wired together and you will see that the battery is connected to the scooter with a connector. Once you’ve found this remove the battery from the connector and then slowly take it out of the scooter. Then grab your new battery and clip the new connector of the new battery onto the scooter and place it where the old battery was. Then you need screw all of the plastic back to the scooter.

How to find out what Razor scooter battery will be compatible for your electric scooter:

This is something that you will need to definitely check out before you do purchase a Razor scooter battery. This is because not every single battery will be compatible with every single electric scooter. If you do happen to purchase one that isn’t compatible then it simply just won’t work or fit correctly into your electric scooter. Not only this, but if you do start to use the wrong Razor scooter battery or any other battery in your electric scooter it may actually damage it, so it’s really not worth it.

You can easily find out whether or not the Razor scooter battery would be compatible for your electric scooter by reading the description of the product. In the description, it should provide you with a list of what scooters the specific Razor scooter battery is compatible with.

Why is it sometimes better to replace a battery for an electric scooter?

Your battery may not even really need replacing, but sometimes some people may want to replace the battery in their electric scooter. This is because if you change the battery to one that is a lot more powerful, it means that you will more than likely be able to travel a lot further and the electric scooter will last you a lot longer. Therefore if your current battery doesn’t allow you to travel that far and you now need to travel quite a long distance, it’s probably worth replacing the battery with a bigger one, so you’re able to get there.

Expert tip:

If you decide to store your electric scooter for some time, it’s best that you charge the battery every three months to stop it from getting ruined.

Did you know?

It’s important that you maintain your Razor scooter battery because if it isn’t maintained correctly, then it could get damaged.


There are a whole load of different Razor scooter batteries available online, and if you go to specialist shops, you should be able to find them there as well. It can be quite difficult to decide what ones are best for you to purchase, but you will need to look at many of the different features that they have before you do purchase one. Not only this, but you will also need to make sure that the Razor scooter battery is compatible for your specific electric scooter. If it is not compatible, then this could cause you problems, which you won’t want to have. Therefore make sure that it’s compatible before you purchase one.

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