It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, you’re going to want to choose the best pro scooter. There are some awesome scooters on the market. It’s important to pick a scooter that’s suited to your skillset. You also need to work out if you’re looking for a trick, stunt, or freestyle scooter.

Durability will be an important feature in whatever scooter you buy. And every rider wants to be the talk of the skate park, so consider the way that your scooter looks. Pro scooters are great fun, so you’ll want to get out there and use it straight away. You’ll want to keep safe, too, which means that top-quality brakes are a must.

To make sure that you pick the right pro scooter for your needs, then consider this list of the top eleven pro scooters on the market, then peruse the buying guide that follows it, and you should be in an excellent position to invest your money wisely.

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1. Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter


This high-quality pro scooter is perfect for children over the age of eight. It’s been designed for scooter riders who are beginners or mid-level. It’s full of top components, such as the Enigma brake that is constructed from a combination of nylon and metal. The Enigma brake allows you to stop very quickly without making any noise. The Faze fork is another excellent feature of this scooter.

It’s large enough to allow for 110mm wheels, although it comes with 100mm five-spoke, 6061, aluminum core wheels as standard. The deck has dimensions of 20″ by 4″ and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The v-bars have been reinforced to allow riders a great amount of control, which will keep you safe and will enable you to experiment safely with your new hobby of riding a pro scooter.

+ Enigma brake
+ 100mm 6061 wheels
+ Reinforced v-bars
+ Strong neck
+ Perfect for beginners and intermediates

Why We Liked It – Fuzion is known to be one of the best – if not the best – manufacturer of pro scooters, and this one is undoubtedly high-quality, making it a safe investment for new scooter riders or intermediate riders aged eight or over.

2. Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter


Lucky Crew is another one of the pro scooter riding community’s favorite manufacturers. And this scooter is fit for a future world champion or budding Ryan Williams. It’s perfect for people who are new to scooter riding or those looking for a scooter for their intermediate skills. One of its best features is its durability. Lucky Crew even describes at as being bulletproof, and it feels like it could handle anything that’s thrown at it.

That’s because all the aluminum in this scooter is aircraft-grade. The 19″ by4.5″ deck is made from reinforced aluminum. The wheels also have an aluminum core and are 110mm. It’s also got a superb SteelyBrake that is effective and works very quickly too. The ViceGrips have to be felt to be believed. They offer incomparable grip and last a long time as well.

+ Highly durable
+ Incredible grip
+ 110mm wheels
+ Ideal for beginners or mid-level riders
+ Steely Brake

Why We Liked It – It’s a high-quality scooter that delivers across the board. Every component is made from the best materials and features a thoughtful design that can only improve your riding skills.

3. Grit Elite Pro Scooter

Grit Elite Pro Scooter


This pro scooter is one of the best for more advanced riders. It’s a very sturdy scooter that has a superb threadless high-tensile steel fork. The deck is made for high-level riders. Not only is it made from a heat-treated alloy, but it also has a skeletonized down tube that has an impressive concavity of 3 degrees. Its dimensions are 4.5″ by 19″, while this scooter’s bars are 23″ high and 21″ wide.

The Y-bars are further enhanced by the grips that they have on them, which are ridged and have a soft feel to them. The wheels are 110mm, have an alloy core, and feature ABEC 9 bearings that are the favorite of top riders. Of course, the grit flex brake is great too, and it features an innovative, curved shape.

+ Curved brake
+ Recommended for advanced riders
+ Great ridged grips
+ Sturdy
+ High-tensile steel fork

Why We Liked It – This is a reliable pro scooter that experienced riders will enjoy doing tricks on. It’s also very sturdy and durable, so it can handle more than its share of wipe-outs without causing it any long-term damage.

4. Envyscooters COLT S4 Scooter

Envyscooters COLT S4 Scooter


Jon Reyes, Will Scott, and Raymond Warner are just a few of the greats who currently ride for Envy. This is a sensational scooter that any of them would have been proud to ride earlier in their careers. It has a superb 19.5″ by 4.7″ deck that’s got an integrated angle of 82.5 degrees. The Colt fork is a two-piece number that has been heat treated. It also has a bar that’s 160mm long and includes nylon bar ends. The aluminum core wheels have got ABEC 9 bearings in them, and they’re 110mm wide.

It comes with a nylon braking system that’s built to the highest quality to make sure that you brake quickly and safely. The size of this scooter makes it a solid choice for younger riders, especially those who have a bit of experience and want a scooter to suit their newly-acquired skills.

+ Fully sealed integrated headset
+ Nylon brake
+ Nylon front plate
+ 6 series aluminum deck
+ Excellent grip

Why We Liked It – This a superb Envy scooter that’s ideal for young riders who feel the need to upgrade their scooter and ride something that’s better suited to their improved skills.

5. Madd Gear VX7 Pro

Madd Gear VX7 Pro


This Madd Gear scooter is undoubtedly an eye-catcher with its pink and blue color scheme that makes it a good choice for any flamboyant rider who wants a bright scooter to suit their out-going personality. It’s widely known that the VX7 Pro is one of the very best entry level scooters on the market. You only need to look at the components that its constructed out of to see what sort of quality it delivers.

It’s got an MFX integrated headset with a sealed IHC, a powder-coated 6061 alloy double clamp, a threaded 6061 3D forged alloy M1 120mm fork, and K2 ABEC 9 high-speed chrome bearings. Not only does it deliver with these components, but it also has an MGP composite blitz brake that’s one of the best in the scooter world. The 3.7kg weight makes it just right for young riders, as it’s not too light or too heavy.

+ Perfect for new riders
+ High-quality components
+ Blitz brake
+ High-speed chrome bearings
+ Eye-catching looks

Why We Liked It – It’s just one of the best pro scooters for brand new riders on the market. And this version of the VX7 Pro looks fantastic, too, with its bright color scheme.

6. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter


This Fuzion pro scooter is one of the most popular scooters in the USA. That’s because it’s excellent for new riders. Fuzion scooters always feature amazing components. But one of the best features of the X-3 scooter is the Fuzion metalized wheels. They have ABS composite cores, and they’re cast with polyurethane. With a width of 100mm, then they also help to offer stability and control for new riders.

The Enigma brake is another excellent component of this scooter. Riders can brake almost instantly when using it, and it doesn’t make any noise, either. The deck is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a width of 4″. Another reason why the Fuzion X-3 is one of America’s most popular pro scooters is because of the price. It offers exceptional value-for-money.

+ Durable scooters
+ Ideal for new pro riders
+ Easy to assemble
+ Great value for money
+ Quality brake

Why We Liked It – There’s so much to like about this Fuzion scooter. It’s just a great all-round package that comes with a very affordable price tag that explains why it’s one of the most popular pro scooters in America.

7. Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Stunt Scooter


This Lucky scooter is ideal for any pro stunt riders. Not only is it built for stunts, but it also looks pretty cool as well. That’s because Shogo Oto has created the scooter’s artwork. It’s all about performance with this pro scooter. Like all the best stunt scooters, it has a flushed-out headtube, flat sides, a flat bottom, and a concave top. You can always expect quality from Lucky, and this is one of those scooters that nothing can destroy.

All the aluminum is aircraft-grade and bulletproof, just as Lucky always promises. The AIRBar has dimensions of 24″ by 23″, that makes it ideal for a rider who is between 4ft5 and 5ft5. Despite being a stunt scooter, it’s also built for a smooth ride thanks to the 110mm wheels that include Lucky Rebound Technology.

+ Ideal for riders between 4ft5 and 5ft5
+ Stunt pro scooter
+ Killer artwork
+ Bulletproof
+ Smooth ride

Why We Liked It – It’s one of the best pro stunt scooters around. The whole construction and design have been made with stunts in mind. And it looks amazing too, which is all down to Shogo Oto’s killer artwork.

8. VOKUL Pro Scooter

VOKUL Pro Scooter


If you’re an advanced or intermediate rider who is over the age of eight and looking for a new trick scooter, then this pro scooter from VOKUL is a superb option. It’s built for the skate park, so it’s perfect for doing tricks. And if you’re new to freestyle riding, then you don’t need to worry about this scooter breaking, as it’s constructed from durable materials. For example, it has high-rebound, 88A PU, 120mm alloy core wheels, and also a single-piece T4T6 fork.

Another advanced feature is the fact that it has ABEC9 bearings, which are quite advanced for this price range, and will give an extremely smooth and silent ride. And even though this lightweight scooter only weighs 11lbs, it can handle a weight of up to 220lbs. It will need to be assembled, but it doesn’t require a lot of effort, and you can go from unboxing to riding in hardly any time at all.

+ Lightweight
+ Easy to assemble
+ Ideal as a first freestyle scooter
+ Durable
+ ABEC9 bearings

Why We Liked It – This is an excellent pro scooter that exemplifies superb build quality. It’s lightweight, and the price is affordable too, making it a great option for people of all levels of expertise, but is especially well-suited to intermediate riders.

9. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter


This is another superb Fuzion pro scooter. The Chromoly steel bar is 23″ by 22,” which makes it the right for anyone over the age of eight. Even adults can use this superb stunt scooter. You don’t need to worry about losing control of it while you’re doing tricks at the park as it also has Hex grips, which are a Fuzion invention, and feature extra plush and cushioning. It’s got all the top features that you would expect from Fuzion too.

There’s a fully sealed and integrated headset, a one-piece, stamped steel fork that can handle wheels as big as 120mm, a two-bolt split clamp, and also a concave deck of three degrees that’s made out of T-6 aluminum. As with all Fuzion products, this pro scooter looks very cool too, and that’s especially the case when it comes to the 110mm PU wheels that are transparent with a custom graphic.

+ Looks awesome
+ High-quality Fuzion components
+ Can be used by adults
+ Integrated headset
+ Concave deck

Why We Liked It – It’s a great-looking deck that is built to last. It’s perfect for pro scooter fans of all different levels and isn’t just for kids too. Quite simply, it’s an all-round, top-grade pro scooter.

10. Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter


Fuzion is one of the best scooter brands around. It never fails to offer anything but the very best products. And this is a great example of why Fuzion is known for producing such top quality scooters. It’s a superb entry level choice. The concave deck is built to be used for grinding, and it’s made from very durable aluminum.

The nylon brake is excellent, too, as it allows for you to stop instantly and silently, keeping you safe as you’re acquainting yourself with your new pro scooter. And you can also adjust the brake very quickly too. The wheels are another top-quality component, as they’re 88a PU, 110mm, and have a five split-spoke aluminum core. Fuzion scooters are just known for their excellent build quality, but also for their killer looks, and this excellent scooter has to be seen to be believed.

+ Awesome looks
+ Deck is perfect for grinding
+ Ideal for beginners
+ Easy to construct
+ Quiet brake

Why We Liked It – This is another one of Fuzion’s exceptional pro scooters. The deck is a great feature, as it’s ideal for learning how to grind with or to improve your grinding skills.

11. Arcade Pro Scooter

Arcade Pro Scooter


There are few pro scooters on the market that offer the value for money that this Arcade stunt scooter does. Arcade has made every single component, so there aren’t any factory-built, off-the-shelf parts. That means that it includes a custom aluminum deck that’s concave to one-degree. It’s also got a customized neck so that it’s nice and strong. And the poly-carbonate wheels are very durable too.

They’re 100mm, but it’s possible to fit 110mm wheels, as the light 3D stamped steel fork will allow you to fit them in. It’s got a nylon and steel brake that’s completely noise-free. Like all great trick scooters, this one looks unique and eye-catching, thanks to the dynamic design.

+ Superb value-for-money
+ Cool looks
+ Custom parts
+ Arrives already dialed
+ Durable wheels

Why We Liked It – There aren’t many pro scooters on the market that offer this good quality at such an affordable price. It’s a real bargain.

Pro Scooter Buyers Guide

If you’ve been riding pro scooters since you were a little kid, then you’ll most likely know exactly what features to look out for when investing in your next scooter. But if you’re new to pro scooters, then you should consider this buying guide, so that you spend your money wisely. Here are the most important elements of a pro scooter:


The deck is a crucial part of the pro scooter. You should always make sure that it’s made from a durable material. Most scooters feature a deck that’s made from aluminum. You’ll find that some scooters have a concave deck. The benefit of a concave deck is that it will help keep you steady while you’re riding, as you’ll be able to locate better where your feet are without needing to look down to check. You should also check the length and width of the scooter’s deck. They can range in size from 48cm to 56cm, so you need to ensure that you choose the right length for your height and skill set.


Scooters need good brakes to keep you safe. Always choose a scooter that has a brake that allows you to stop instantly and silently. Nylon brakes are often the most effective.


The handlebar grip is an area where there’s a lot of variation, depending on the brand. You want the grip to feature a lot of plush so that it’s comfortable. A ridged grip will help keep you safe, too.


Wheels range in size. Most pro scooters have wheels that are either 100mm or 110mm, but they can come larger than that. The wheels need to be durable and tend to be made from polyurethane, which is a solid, hard-wearing material.


Choosing the right fork is crucial if you want to change the wheels on your scooter. Some forks will only take wheels of a 100mm, so if you want to fit larger wheels, then keep this in mind.

What is the best pro scooter in the world?

It’s impossible to choose the very best scooter in the world. For some, a Lucky covenant is the best. For others, Madd Gear VX7 is the pro scooter with the best build quality. It’s easier to say who the greatest scooter rider is, with Ryan Williams generally recognized as the man to beat.

What is the best brand of stunt scooter?

Lucky Pro Scooters are an excellent choice when it comes to stunt scooters.

Expert Tip

If you’re looking for a trick scooter, then remember that trick scooters require wheels that have metal cores, a one-piece t-bar, and they should be light and durable.

Did you know?

Lucky Scooters is a company that is so dedicated to scooter riding that it lets its riders be involved in the design process of all its products. So, if you buy one of Lucky’s famous trick scooters, like the Lucky Covenant, then you know that people who are just as passionate about riding as you were responsible for it.


There are some awesome scooters on the market. Always make sure that you pick a scooter that suits your height, weight, and level of expertise. There’s no point in getting a Lucky Covenant if you’re not ready to use it. Whatever scooter you buy, always ensure that it is built from durable, lightweight materials, has exceptional brakes, and good grip too. It’s got to look good too. Riding a scooter is fun. You want to be able to put on your riding gear, grab your scooter, and hit the park looking cool, so choose a scooter that looks as cool as you do in your riding gear.

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