A foot or a leg injury doesn’t have to put a stop to your active lifestyle, not when you can get a steerable knee walker crutch alternative to roll around with! Products like the KneeRover Hybrid, the KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Scooter, a Roscoe Knee Scooter, the Spirit Knee Cycle, and other knee and leg scooters make leg injuries easier to manage – helping you get around when you are unable to walk. Crutches are no longer necessary with a knee scooter, which is a huge benefit for those who struggle to walk on crutches due to a lack of upper body strength.

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These are some of the best medical dual pad steerable scooters for someone with a bad leg, to help you make a decision that will aid in your recovery.

1. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

A read drum brake and a locking brake makes the KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Scooter a leading product among terrain knee scooters, especially when it comes to safety. The knee pad is thick and contoured. With the KneeRover Deluxe steerable knee cycle, you can easily roll around both indoors and outdoors without putting too much stress on your injured leg.

It has dual ankle design, a reliable folding mechanism, and KneeRover all-terrain adjustable knee platform and handlebars. You also get a large free basket included with your purchase so that you can easily bring your personal items, such as a cellphone, with you as you roll from one room to the other.

+ Knee pads and adjustable handlebars
+ Excellent alternative to crutches
+ Quick-folding mechanism
+ 7.5-inch durable rubber wheels

Why We Like It – These knee walkers support a maximum weight of up to 300lbs, and they have a quick-folding mechanism that makes it easy for any adult to safely fold- and unfold their scooter.

2. OasisSpace Shock Absorber All Terrain Knee Walker Scooter

OasisSpace Shock Absorber All Terrain Knee Walker Scooter

This durable and sturdy knee walker with basket is an alternative you will love! It has large pneumatic tires with great grip, a cushioned padded knee pad, and various height ranges, which makes it perfect for a foot injury. The design of the knee scooter steerable knee walker makes it ideal to be driven indoors, as it does not leave marks on the floors. It can also be used on gravel, snow, asphalt, dirt, and hard-packed sand. The thickness of the wheels makes puncturing highly unlikely so that you can stop worrying and focus all your energy on getting better. The scooter is approved by the FDA.

+ Rear-drum brake
+ Shock-absorbing knee car
+ All-terrain pneumatic wheels
+ FDA approved

Why We Like It – FDA approved as a medical dual pad knee scooter, and it has extra thick wheels to take you across any terrain without the risk of puncture.

3. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter

KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter

Are you looking for a good budget alternative? The KneeRover Go-Knee walker is a knee scooter and knee walker made for those who need to get around with ease also when injured, but who do not want (or are unable to) spend an unnecessarily large sum of money on doing so. With the Kneerover economy knee scooter, you get high quality and excellent features, just like you would expect to get when purchasing a KneeRover deluxe version, but it only costs a smaller fraction of the price. It is very simple in both design and function, but the KneeRover economy is both sturdy and easy to maneuver, and one of the best knee scooters you can get for the price.

+ Weights only 21 pounds
+ Adjustable dual handbrakes
+ Terrain KneeRover for indoor and outdoor use
+ Four wheels for additional balance

Why We Like It – The dual braking system makes this KneeRover scooter very safe to use for someone who has recently suffered a leg or foot injury.

4. ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker

ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker

Who needs an electric scooter when you can get one of these robust dual-pad knee scooters? They are easy to move around with, and surprisingly lightweight for something so sturdy. They have plenty of stability for someone with an injured leg, or a one-leg amputee. The handlebars can be raised to provide you with a better fit.

It’s comparable with the KneeRover Economy knee scooter steerable, as this product also puts most of its focus on function, rather than potentially innecessary features, and it will get you where you need to go, both indoors and outdoors. Getting this knee walker crutches alternative won’t break your budget too much, as it’s an economy knee scooter steerable knee product.

+ Easy to store and transport
+ Dual braking system
+ Robust weight capacity
+ Quick-release handlebars

Why We Like It – This medical knee scooter with its adjustable handlebar is perfect when you have an injured leg, thanks to the sturdy rubber wheels and comfortable knee platform.

5. All Terrain KneeRover

All Terrain KneeRover

A terrain KneeRover steerable scooter has a molded foam seat to keep you comfortable also when having to use the KneeRover steerable knee cycle for extended periods of time. It has a rigid steering column, adjustable handlebar height, KneeRover knee scooter features, a wire basket for your personal things (or a snack) and three wheels. That is right – this KneeRover scooter knee bike has only three wheels, which makes it a little different than any other models, but just as stable! It is easier to store and transport, and very handy when navigating in smaller spaces.

+ Included wire basket
+ Moulded knee pad for comfort
+ Great economy knee scooter
+ With reliable hand brake

Why We Like It – Not only is this knee walker scooter comfortable to ride and easy to steer, but it also comes with a basket for you to safely carry your personal items with you.

6. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

Get this steel frame medical dv8 aluminum steerable scooter if you want a simple and affordable way to move around your house after sustaining an injury. It can handle the weight of up to 350 pounds, has a deluxe braking system, a steel frame that is thick and durable, and it comes with a wire front basket that can be removed if needed. The handlebar can be raised or lowered, depending on how tall the user is and how high the user wants the handlebar, and it can be taken apart for storage and transport.

+ Removable front basket
+ Thick and durable steel frame
+ 350 pounds weight limit
+ Deluxe braking system

Why We Like It – This deluxe steerable knee cycle holds for up to 350lbs, and it is a leg walker with adjustable knee pad and dual brake system.

7. KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle

KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Cycle

Being one of the most advanced products available to those with leg and foot injuries, the KneeRover Go Knee scooter has it all! The four-wheel design with its bright blue construction is both easy on the eye, and on your injured leg. The head axle and the handlebars can be removed. It can safely be used on hardwood floors and other indoor surfaces as it does not leave marks, and it is also great for outdoor conditions during the winter and summer. It is suitable both for left-leg injuries and right-leg injuries.

+ One of the most advanced walkers
+ Generous weight capacity
+ Removable handlebars and head axle
+ Thick contoured knee pad

Why We Like It – The wheels are made to move smoothly across all surfaces, and they leave no marks when this steerable knee walker is used indoors.

Knee Scooter Buyers Guide

There are many reasons why you would want to drive medical steerable knee scooters, and one is to get around with ease even after a leg, knee, or foot injury. It could be after having had an accident or surgery, and the Kneerover steerable knee scooter could be what allows you to keep up with an active lifestyle while you recover.

Not any drive medical scooter will do, though, as you need a product that is durable enough to last throughout the recovery period. Falling when recovering from an injury could potentially make the damage worse, so medical professionals recommend that you do some research prior to purchasing a product.

Adjustable Features

One thing to avoid is to buy the first walker scooter you find, as this is usually a recipe for a failed purchase. Have a look to see if the mobility scooter has adjustable features, such as adjustable handlebars, to fit it to your height (nobody wants to have to bend over to properly hold on to the handlebars), and you also need to check if the knee pad is adjustable. Why is a height-adjustable scooter so important? It isn’t just for it to match your height, but also to adapt it to the injured leg.

Terrain knee walkers for left legs look different from a knee cycle made for right legs, so the smartest thing to do is to purchase a product where the pad can be shifted to fit both. This will save you money if you ever have to use it again, in case you injure a different leg, and it allows you to adjust it to fit you perfectly.

Knee Scooter vs. Crutches

Walking with crutches can be extremely tiring, and it just isn’t suitable when you’re trying to lead an active life. An alternative to crutches is, of course, a deluxe steerable knee scooter, where you save energy by not having to carry yourself around with your arms. Crutches require you to use body strength and arm strength when moving from one point and to another, something that can make resting difficult. Without rest, your body heals slower, forcing you to spend more time in recovery.

Also, not everyone has the upper body strength required to safely move around on crutches, but that shouldn’t mean you’d have to spend weeks at a time in bed, missing out on what you would normally spend your days doing. Compared to a knee walker, crutches don’t stand a chance, and a dual pad steerable knee walker is a great crutches alternative, as it can be used by anyone.

Steerable vs. Non-Steerable

Getting a deluxe knee scooter is a smart choice, as it will make your life a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. The difference lies – as the name indicates – in the steering mechanism. A steerable scooter will calculate the turn radius and turn on its own when you use the handlebar, while a non-steerable scooter does not. A non-steerable scooter will need to be manually lifted (the front part) and turned to face the direction in which you want to go. A steerable scooter provides additional stability and control.

Brake System

There is no real reason for a terrain KneeRover steerable knee scooter, or another similar product, to have highly advanced brakes (this is due to them not going fast enough to need them), but most quality knee scooters still have them, as you may find yourself needing to put the scooter to a quick halt.

Maybe a puppy or a child suddenly steps in front of you, or you could accidentally get a little too close to the stairs – that’s where breaks become important. Most aluminum steerable knee scooters have disc brakes, and the reason for this is that they are very quick-acting, and will stop the scooter instantly.

Can children use a knee scooter?

Yes, but remember that these are medical supplies and not toys, and they should only be used by older children who can use them responsibly without hurting themselves.

Are knee scooters better than crutches?

We have already gone over the differences and the benefits of using a knee scooter, and with that in mind, we can conclude that compared to walkers, crutches are difficult to use. A knee walker scooter is usually better and safer for injuries that take a while to heal.


When you use drive medical dual pad economy knee scooters, you save energy that your body can use to heal itself and get better. It is an excellent way to avoid being stuck in bed while recovering from a leg, foot or knee injury, but you need to make sure you spend your money on a quality product that will last through the recovery process.

Expert Tip

Use a knee scooter in accordance with your doctor’s orders, as some injuries may make a scooter unsuitable for you.

Did You Know

Most high-quality knee scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the design of the wheels makes them suitable for most somewhat flat terrains.

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