If you have quite a long distance from your train station to your work or you’d rather not get on any more public transport, then it may be best if you invest in an electric scooter. This is because they can actually get you wherever you need to be at a very quick rate. So they will definitely be able to save you quite a bit of time, plus, you won’t be exhausted from having to walk a load of blocks to your office. Not only this but if it’s pouring it down with rain I’m sure you’ll want to be outside as little as possible, and this will undoubtedly help you with that

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Therefore we’ve put a list together of some of the best electrical scooters for your commute.

1. GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

If you want an electric scooter that you can easily fold away after you’ve finished your commute, then this is ideal for you. This is because it is easily portable, which means it’s easy to store away. It comes with 8.5″ pneumatic tires that are very sturdy and reliable, plus, it makes it absolutely perfect for riding it on the city streets. It has a 250-watt motor that will enable you to reach a maximum speed of 15.5mph, so you will definitely be whizzing past all of the pedestrians. It can carry up to 220 pounds in weight as well.

+ Portable
+ 8.5” pneumatic tires
+ Reliable
+ 250 Watt motor
+ 220 pounds maximum

Why We Like It – We liked this electric scooter because it is able to get you from and to the locations you desire at a very quick speed on your daily commute.

2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter is perfect for teenagers as well as adults, it can travel up to 15mph, so it’s quick enough to avoid any traffic on the roads as well as the sidewalks, but it doesn’t go fast enough that you could injure yourself. It has a high-torque chain-driven motor, and you will instantly be able to feel how powerful it is as soon as you start riding it. It has pneumatic tires at the front and the back of the scooter, plus, it comes with rechargeable batteries. When the battery is fully charged it will be able to run for about 40 minutes, so it’s ideal if you want to travel small distances.

+ Max speed is 15mph
+ High-torque chain-driven motor
+ Pneumatic tires
+ Rechargeable batteries
+ Twist-grip acceleration control

Why We Like It – We liked this product because it’s actually suitable for teenagers as well as an electric scooter for adults, so if you’re a teen who has to commute to school then this is perfect

3.  Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

If you’re looking for an electric scooter that will look very modern, then this is perfect for you. It also comes with long-lasting battery life, as it can travel up to 18.6 miles just on a single charge. Therefore, this is perfect if you have a little bit of a distance to travel on your daily commute. It’s also portable and folds away easily, which is perfect when you arrive at work, as it won’t take up too much room. It has a double braking system, which makes it very reliable and will never let you down. The controls on this electric scooter are also very simple so you won’t have any problems learning how to use them.

+ Modern design
+ Long lasting battery
+ Portable
+ Foldable
+ Double braking system

Why We Like It – We liked this electric scooter because it’s perfect if you need to use it for a longer commute, as the battery won’t run out quickly.

4. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hover Board

One special feature that this electric scooter has is the fact that it comes with LED lights, which makes the design of it look awesome. Not only this, but it also means that a lot of other road users will be able to see you too, making it very safe. Plus, it also has a digital display, which is able to tell you how fast you’re traveling as well as a whole load of other things too. It has a portable folding design, so it will never get in your way even when you’re not using it.

+ LED lights
+ Digital display
+ Portable
+ Foldable
+ Long battery life

Why We Like It – We liked this product because it is so reliable to use on your commute, plus, it’s also been made from sturdy materials.

5. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter comes with everything that you need, and you won’t have to purchase anything additional for it. Its max speed is 12mph, and it can carry up to 154 pounds, plus, it’s also suitable for 13 years plus. It has a boasting high-torque ultra-quiet chain-driven motor that is very powerful, and you can tell this when you’re riding it. It will take 12 hours to fully charge if the battery is dead and the electric scooter will be able to run up to 40 minutes. It has a twist-grip acceleration control and 8-inch pneumatic tires.

+ Max speed 12mph
+ Max weight 154 pounds
+ High-torque ultra-quiet motor
+ Rechargeable
+ 8-inch pneumatic tires

Why We Like It – We liked this electric scooter because it doesn’t make any loud noises whatsoever, so no one will even notice you’re going past them on your commute.

6. XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter w/ 6.5″ Wheel

This electric scooter has a full aluminum frame that is very durable and will last you a long time with no problems whatsoever. It also has very fast acceleration and won’t take you a long time to reach the top speed at all. It will last you between 8 and 13 miles with just a single charge, so it’s more suitable if you have slightly shorter journeys to travel. It is able to reach a top speed of 12.4mph and can hold up to 200 pounds in weight. Not only this, but it comes with an LCD digital display that is able to inform you about the battery life and what speed you’re doing.

+ Aluminum frame
+ Durable
+ Top speed is 12.4mph
+ Easy to transport
+ Easy to store

Why We Like It – We liked this product because it’s able to tell you a whole range of things on its digital display.

7. TianRun Electric Scooter 10-15 Mph

If you’re looking for a powerful electric scooter, then this is perfect for you as it has a 250 Watt motor that will let you reach a top speed of 15mph. It actually has three different speed settings and an LCD digital display. You can instantly fold this electric scooter away, and it should only take you three seconds to do so. It only weighs 16 pounds, so it’s also not heavy to carry around with you. It has a dual safe braking system and has solid rubber tires that are able to provide you with exceptional stability.

+ Powerful
+ 250 Watt motor
+ Max speed is 15mph
+ LCD digital display
+ Dual safe braking system

Why We Like It – We liked this electric scooter because it’s actually very lightweight to carry around with you, which is very handy when you’re commuting.

Electric Scooter For Commuting Buyers Guide

There are so many different features that an electric scooter is able to have. This makes it quite confusing when you’re making a decision over which one you should purchase. Not only this, but there are also factors that you will need to know before you do purchase one. For instance, how long your commute is going to take you, as this will instantly make up your mind over which electric scooter for commuting you should purchase. In our buyers guide just below we’ve also discussed some of the other things you will need to look out for.

Braking system

This is a very important feature that you will need to look out for. The braking system is crucial because it can prevent you from being involved in any nasty accidents. A lot of the electric scooter will already have a very sturdy and reliable braking system in place, but some of them may have extra features that will increase the quality of the braking. One of the features that it will have if it has this is a dual safe braking technology.

Motor size

If you want a powerful electric scooter, then you’re going to need to compare what motor size each of them has. It should tell you what the size of the motor is in a watt measurement and the higher the watt they have, the more powerful the motor will be, and this means the electric scooter will be more powerful too. One thing that you will have to look at is how heavy the electric scooter is as well, because if one product has a larger motor, but it’s also heavier, then it will take more power to be able to move it around. Therefore, it may not be as powerful compared to other ones you may have been looking at.

LED lights

This feature is very important if you’re planning to use the electric scooter in your evening commute as well. This is because it will make people and cars be able to clearly see you without any difficulties; therefore, you will be a lot safer. However, if you’re electric scooter doesn’t have one of these then there’s nothing to worry about, because you can always purchase a light to manually attach to the scooter.

Digital display

You may have noticed that some of these electric scooters have this feature while others don’t. It isn’t an essential feature to have, but it is a very useful one. This is because it’s able to tell you a whole range of things about your electric scooter while you’re riding it, like the battery life that it has left and what speed you’re going.

Buyers guide questions

Where can you use an electric scooter?

Electric scooters can actually be used anywhere in most places, and they are very useful if you commute. It’s important that you do check the laws around where you can ride them though, as you will want to be 100% sure beforehand. Most of the time they can either be used on the road or on the sidewalks, but if you do use them on either, then you will have to make sure that you’re being very safe. This is because there are pedestrians that also use the sidewalks and people will not want to get run over by an electric scooter. Not only this but if you do use it on the road, then you will need to be careful with cars, as you don’t want to put yourself in any danger.

How to clean an electric scooter?

If you use your electric scooter when you’re commuting on a daily basis, then it’s pretty likely that it will get dirty quite quickly, especially, if you’re using it in wet weather conditions too. There are two ways that you can clean it, if it isn’t that dirty, then you can probably get away with just using a wet wipe to clean it over. However, if it is quite dirty, then it may be best to use warm water and soap to clean it, but when you do this use a cloth to clean it rather than a sponge. This is because you don’t want water creeping into the electrical parts of the scooter.

How old do you have to be to use an electric scooter?

There isn’t an age that you have to be in order to ride an electric scooter, however, on a lot of the product descriptions, they will advise you what age they are appropriate for. They are normally suitable for teenagers and adults to use, but if your teen is planning to use it, it’s best for them to only use it on private land, as they will probably not be aware of the rules of the road and on the sidewalks as well. You wouldn’t want to see them in any trouble because they aren’t entirely sure of the rules; therefore, the older they are, the safer they will more than likely be.

Expert tip:

It’s always best to wear protective clothing when you’re using your electric scooter on your commute. This is because it will be able to protect you.

Did you know?

It’s important that you don’t use your scooter when there is a lightning storm. This is because the metal framework may make you a target for the storm.


There are many different electric scooters all over the internet, and it can be very confusing over which one is going to be best for your commute. Therefore you will need to definitely check how many miles the battery is able to last for without you having to recharge it. This is because this factor really varies quite a bit and you don’t want to purchase one that can’t travel that far when you do need to travel a long distance.

There are also a lot of other features that may differ between the electric scooters, like a digital display, so it’s best to check what they have. One thing you must remember if you’re going to be using your electric scooter for commuting is that you’re safe, and you make sure you keep out of the way of people and cars when you’re using it, as you don’t want to run into any trouble.

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