Electric scooters are a great way to give children and young teenagers an excuse to spend more time outside, as well as giving them more freedom to move around without needing to be driven from place to place in the family car. However, there are dozens of brands on the market, and not all of them are equal. But hopefully with these reviews you’ll be able to find the best electric scooter for 13 year old kids.

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Below are our recommendations for the 10 best electric scooters for a 13-year-old in 2020, along with some of their major pros and the reasons we like them so much.

1. Swagger Pro Foldable Electric Scooter

Swagger Pro Foldable Electric Scooter


The Swagger Pro uses a 250w motor and two independent braking systems to keep your child safe without making them feel frustratingly slow. The built-in LED display on the handlebars offers a backlit summary of the scooter’s battery life, speed and other useful pieces of information, letting your child take care of themselves and feel like they’re fully in control of their own safety and movement.

The ability to turn on cruise control at any time means that it’s possible to limit or lock the motor’s speed, which can be combined with the LED headlight for scooting late at night when it’s harder to see oncoming obstacles. Durable rubber tires and a surprisingly powerful suspension make uneven ground less of a bumpy ride and smooth out stones, sticks or other small obstacles that get in the way.

+ Portable
+ Reaches full charge in 3 hours
+ Built-in USB charger for mobile devices in emergencies
+ Cruise control system
+ Full LED info display

Why We Liked It: This electric scooter for kids can keep your child safe without making them feel like you’re being overprotective, which is great for more independent or adventurous children.

2. GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter


The GOTRAX GXL boasts a 250-watt electric motor that can reach speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour, recharging in only 4 hours from empty and managing to cover 9 to 12 miles of ground from a full battery. Its weight limit of 220 lbs is much higher than a lot of similar scooters, making it suitable for heavier children, or for young teens that need to carry a bag or backpack with them.

The addition of an easy-to-use handbrake and a built-in cruise control system makes the GXL extremely easy to control, even at the highest speed and ensures that your child will be able to keep themselves safe while they’re on the move.

+ Recharges in only four hours
+ 15.5 mph top speed
+ Easy breaking system
+ Cruise control
+ 220 lb weight limit

Why We Liked It: This electric scooter for kids can hold a lot of weight while still hitting a surprisingly fast speed, and the extra control features mean that it’s not a hassle to learn to use it properly.

3. Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES2 Pro Electric Kick Scooter

Segway-Ninebot KickScooter ES2


This electric scooter for kids uses a 300w motor and strong wheels to improve both its speed and its braking power. It can travel 15 miles at 15 mph from a completely full battery while supporting up to 100kg of extra weight, coming in at a total weight of only 12.5kg by itself. Both wheels use built-in shock absorbers to make bumpy ground and sudden slopes much more comfortable to ride over, even while moving at top speed, and uses a mechanical-electrical braking system designed to prevent accidental locking, making emergency stops really easy to perform.

On top of that, the handlebars boast cruise control, a full LED display with a customizable set of ambient lights, the ability to connect to devices via Bluetooth and even its own mobile app. The one-touch folding system lets you collapse the scooted inwards to make it easier to carry.

+ Powerful 300w motor
+ Can support 100k of weight
+ Bluetooth capabilities
+ Mobile app
+ LED lights and display

Why We Liked It: This Segway Ninebot KickScooter has plenty of reliable and useful technology that makes it much more advanced than some other models on the market, giving you better control of everything it can do.

4. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter


Compared to the Razor E300, this simple electric scooter is designed for quick bursts of use – 10mph top speed compliments it’s incredibly short charge time, letting you have it ready and waiting for you at any time. The twist grip throttle controls the scooter’s acceleration in a natural, fluid way, working alongside the hand-operated brake to let you speed up and slow down in seconds.

The scooter’s front tire is fully pneumatic rather than being a solid object, helping smooth out bumpy rides. The rechargeable 24-volt battery inside its frame lasts for well over an hour, even while powering up sloped ground, and has an on/off switch to turn off the engine when it’s not needed. The handlebars and front shaft can even be removed for easier storage and transport. If you like this, you can also check out the Razor E300.

+ Quick charge time
+ Slow enough to avoid accidental crashes
+ Simple throttle and brake
+ Air-filled front tire
+ Over an hour of battery life

Why We Liked It: The E100 is smooth to ride and easy to charge, making it ideal for daily use when your child’s on a tight schedule. For onother alternative, check out the Razor E300!

5. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight


The Gilon Dolly’s quiet 250 watt motor in the rear wheel makes it deceptively powerful for such a simple design, offering an average top speed of 15 mph and a pair of twist-grip controls to give you maximum maneuverability in tight spaces and crowded streets. You child won’t find it hard to learn – twist the left handle to change the speed, and the right one to turn on the brakes.

A full charge can give you up to fifteen miles of non-stop scooting, doing away with noisy components like gears and chains to create a whisper-quiet electric scooter that’s incredibly easy to control. When folded up, the vertical self-standing system lets you wheel it around like a suitcase, saving you from having to pick it up and carry it back home if the battery runs dry.

+ Simple controls
+ Incredibly quiet
+ Folds like a suitcase
+ Durable frame
+ Resists corrosion and bad weather

Why We Liked It: The Dolly has plenty of features that make it convenient for both the children riding it and the parents accompanying them, the most useful being its self-standing fold-up design.

6. XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter

XPRIT Folding Electric Kick Scooter


This kick scooter is excellent for short-distance travel in any weather, using a weather-resistant aluminum alloy frame to keep it lightweight, while also protecting its wear and tear. The LCD battery indicator keeps your child up-to-date on how much power the motor has left, and they have two ways to turn it off: the regular brake and the emergency stop on top of the rear wheel.

Since the scooter doesn’t use inflated tires, it can never get punctures or deflate over time, and they can endure a lot more punishment than some other scooters’ tires before needing repairs. When folded down, it can easily be carried or stored in a car for later use.

+ Lightweight
+ Durable frame
+ Strong tires
+ Folds in half
+ Two ways to activate the brake

Why We Liked It: This scooter is reliable and surprisingly strong, able to take a lot of physical damage compared to other models. The 8-13 mile range makes it a useful alternative to on-foot travel.

7. Swagtron 200W SWAGCYCLE Envy Steel

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The SwagCycle Envy is a scooter bike that combines the best of both worlds into a powerful, durable and reliable electric vehicle. The seat and rubber tires keep you comfortable on uneven surfaces, and the frame is strong to support your full body weight whether you’re sitting normally or standing directly on the front wheel’s foot pegs.

The handlebars use a backlit info display that keeps track of your distance traveled, current speed and the amount of power you’ve got left in your batter, along with different settings for different types of speed and distance measurements. The battery lasts for 9 miles per charge, which allows you to travel in bursts when combined with its quick charge time, and the built-in headlights make night travel much safer in public areas.

+ Comfortable saddle
+ Air-filled tires for smoother rides
+ Powerful 200-watt motor
+ Strong brakes
+ Headlight and bell

Why We Liked It: This electric scooter is incredibly comfortable to ride, offering a much smoother ride than most scooters on the market without sacrificing its durability or functionality.

8. UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter

UberScoot 1600w Electric Scooter


This electric scooter is designed to maximize battery life without reducing its power or speed, coming with a specially-designed economy mode button that can be activated at the press of a button to limit how fast your motor runs. The motor itself reaches a whole 1600 watts, making slopes barely even a challenge to climb, and the knobby tires let your scooter cover both on-road and off-road ground with equal efficiency.

The foldable frame and quick-release seat give you plenty of options when it comes to storing, carrying and propping up your child’s new scooter. The fact that the ignition requires a key increases both the security and reliability of the scooter as a whole, especially its engine and speed controls.

+ Charge-saving design
+ Button-toggled economy mode
+ Handles slopes easily
+ Foldable
+ Key-based ignition

Why We Liked It: The UberScoot 1600w is a powerful scooter that can serve adults, teens and older children exceptionally well, both in terms of its features and its design in general.

9. FreegoUSA Electric Scooter FS10D

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The FS10D offers a mix of durability and speed, pushing its engine as hard as possible while still being bulky enough to take a beating and keep working. This doesn’t mean its heavy, though – the folding electric scooter for kids uses lightweight materials to make it much easier to carry, and the entire front half can collapse backward to fold it up for simpler storage.

The 20Ah battery hidden inside the scooter’s frame can cover up to thirty miles if it’s used non-stop (less depending on your child’s body weight), recharging from empty in less than 12 hours – giving you enough time to set it up overnight or early in the morning and forget about it until it’s time to head out again. The wheels use 48-volt, 2x800watt motors to tackle slopes and rough ground with ease, and connect to 140mm disc brakes for quick emergency stops.

+ Durable
+ Lightweight and foldable
+ Strong motors
+ Easy-to-use disc brakes
+ Recharges in less than 12 hours

Why We Liked It: The TFS10D is a great gift for older children who need something more durable and powerful to ride, but still manages to be safe enough for all ages.

10. Maxtra E100 Electric Scooter Motorized Scooter Bike

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This lightweight scooter has skid-proof tires and a wide, stable design to keep your child as safe as possible while they’re on the move. It also has a built-in extendable kickstand to help them rest the scooter while they’re not using it. The folding system at the front of the kids’ scooter’s deck can only be triggered by a full second of heavy force, meaning that your child won’t accidentally fold the handlebars onto themselves while they’re riding it.

When it comes to the electricity, the 120w ultra-quiet motor ensures that your child won’t disturb anybody when they’re playing with it. The cut-resistant wires have a specially designed clip below the handlebars to stop them dangling in front of the wheels or snagging on nearby objects.

+  Fully rechargeable
+  60 minutes of battery life
+  Quiet motor
+  Safe for a child to use
+  Lightweight and foldable

Why We Liked It: Being able to fold up and carry this scooter means that parents won’t need to drag it back home if it runs out of power, and charging it up is as easy as plugging it in and leaving it for a while.

Electric Scooter For 13-Year-old Buyers Guide

Comfort and safety

Comfort is one of the most important parts of an electric scooter for a 13-year-old, both in terms of ride smoothness and the quality of said scooter. Weak, hard tires and loose parts can make it not only uncomfortable to use but might put your child in danger or make it difficult for them to stay balanced for long periods of time. The fact that all electric scooters include a motor, battery and an assortment of other electrical components also means that they’re in far more danger than with a manually-pushed design.

When choosing a new scooter for your 13-year-old, make sure that all the parts are good-quality and properly attached. If you need to partially assemble it yourself, double-check everything before allowing your child to freely ride it outside.
Skill level

Scooters are an excellent way for your children to get invested in building new skills through physically-demanding activities, and ones that include LED displays and different settings can help your 13-year-old develop a sense of independence by letting them manage the scooter themselves. However, if they’re using a scooter that limits what they can do, they might end up relying on it rather than using it to improve their own abilities.

This is especially important for young teenagers since they will have a much greater need for independence and physical activities than children of most other ages.

Buyers Guide Questions:


What size of scooter should I get?

Buying a scooter for your 13-year-old can seem difficult at first since there are a lot of measurements involved: the height of the handlebars, the weight limit of the deck, and even the total combined weight of the scooter itself. However, when it comes to choosing one based on size, you should always make sure it matches up with your child’s own measurements – if it’s too tall, short, thin or weak to let them ride it properly, they could end up hurting themselves or causing irreversible damage to it.
Which style of the scooter is best?

Some scooters use a conventional handlebars-and-board setup, but others might look more like a bike or small motorcycle. These will obviously feel different to use, and the latter can seem like a ‘less active’ option, so it depends on what you think your 13-year-old child would find most comfortable. As long as you’re not buying it as a secret birthday gift or Christmas present, you could always ask them which one they prefer.


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