Electric dirt bikes are exactly what their name suggests: an electric bike that’s purpose-built to handle natural terrain without slowing down or becoming hard to control. Not only that, but since they use an electric motor and battery pack, they’re much quieter and don’t run on expensive, hard-to-manage fuel, making them extremely useful as introductory bikes and large gifts for older children or younger teens.

However, just like real bikes, there are dozens of models to choose from: picking a single bike for kids isn’t easy, especially if you’re not really familiar with them and don’t know what kinds of features are worth looking into.

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Here are six of the best electric dirt bikes we could find, as well as reasons why they’re the best.

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


This scaled-down electric dirt bike uses a built-in battery pack to run for up to 30 minutes at a top speed of 14mph, giving it plenty of power without being difficult to handle. The bike offers large tires for better off-road riding and a size that’s perfect for younger riders, using a very reliable and quiet single-speed electric motor that can take power directly from the rechargeable battery system. The brakes can be activated by hand to prevent crashes, and the knobs on the tired offer much better grip when the dirt bike is actually having to tackle loose dirt

+Scaled down bike for kids.
+Great for off-road riding.
+Up to 30 minutes of continuous use.
+Easily rechargeable battery.
+High torque electric motor.

Why We Like It – This electric dirt bike is simple and straightforward, acting as a smaller version of the usual dirt bikes for adults with many of the same features.

2. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


This compact electric dirt bike has a high torque 650-watt motor that can reach a top speed of 17mph on ideal ground, using the same shape as dirt bikes for adults to achieve the same level of performance. The rechargeable battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use and the dual suspension system offers a smoother ride than many other bikes, with the knobby tires working to increase this speed even further. While the seat height is set, the adjustable handlebars let you choose exactly how you want the electric dirt bike to feel when you’re controlling it, and the twist-grip acceleration makes the variable speed far more adjustable.

+Works well for off-road riding.
+Easy-to-control speed system.
+Good battery life.
+Customisation handlebar position.
+Fairly high top speed.

Why We Like It – The Razor MX650 combines a high speed with a reliable design that can take on all kinds of terrain, staying controllable for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

3. Razor MX400 Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Razor MX400 Electric Toy Motocross Motorcycle Dirt Bike


This Razor Dirt Rocket electric dirt bike uses a single-speed motor with a quiet chain system to provide up to 14mph of speed, all while still being small and light enough to weigh a mere 140 pounds . The adjustable handlebars on top, combined with the high torque motor and twist-grip throttle system, make sure that you can get the best possible mix of power and safety regardless of how fast it’s going. One of the more notable features is the 12-inch knobby tires, helping improve weight transfer and grip on softer outdoor ground or up to 30 minutes of high-speed riding.

+Based on dirt bikes for adults.
+Large, stable knobby tires.
+Quiet, one speed motor.
+High performance and high torque.
+Great for use outdoors.

Why We Like It – This Razor electric dirt bike provides a good top speed and a quiet but controllable electric motor, making it one of the all-round choices for riding in a range of outdoor locations.

4. Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross

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This Razor Dirt Rocket electric bike uses a hand-operated rear brake and a twist-grip acceleration to keep all of the controls within reach, and is made out of a shatter-resistant plastic that can deal with all kinds of rough situations. The design also has built-in foot pegs and one retractable kickstand, taking inspiration from professional-style dirt bikes for adults to provide many of the same features. At top speed, the one-speed motor can reach 14mph without becoming hard to control properly, and the battery system can retain up to 40 minutes of ride time when fully charged.

+Stable one speed design.
+Can ride for up to 40 minutes with a full battery.
+Built to emulate dirt bikes for adults.
+Top speed of 14mph.
+Shatter-resistant plastic for greater durability.

Why We Like It – Strength and safety are the key features of this Razor Dirt Rocket, making sure that the electric motor can’t reach a speed so high that it becomes impossible to stop or slow down.

5. Burromax TT350R Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike

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This electric dirt bike is made with welded tube steel for maximum protection at a decent weight, and uses a variable speed setting that lets you reach two different speeds: the first one sets the top mph to 8, while the other one sets it to 17mph. The special footrest and adjustable handlebars give you plenty of control over how the bike is used even while you’re in the middle of a ride. Once you’re riding, you can expect a top ride time of up to 8 hours depending on the charge level, much higher than many other electric dirt bikes.

+Very long battery life.
+Two top speeds.
+Smooth acceleration.
+Easy to control.
+Reliable disc brakes.

Why We Like It – This bike can ride for a long time on a full battery, and has not one but two levels of speed control to give younger bike riding fans a greater level of flexibility and safety.

6. MotoTec 36v Pro Electric Dirt Bike

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This stylish electric dirt bike uses a lightweight and high-performance battery system that can let you ride for up to 9 miles on a single charge, supporting rider weights up to 150 pounds without issue. The special tire design combined with the power from the electric motor ensures that you get plenty of riding power on both smooth and rough ground, with maximum speeds of between 5 mph and 18 mph depending on the adjustments you make and the surface you’re on. The heavier and more durable body also means that it won’t fall apart easily from a sudden bump or bash.

+Adjustable top speed.
+Reliable battery pack.
+Durable for an electric bike.
+Quiet electric motor.
+Works best on natural terrain.

Why We Like It – This bike offers great performance while still being safe enough for younger users, especially compared to dirt bikes for adults. Not only that, but it’s very adjustable and easy to use outdoors.

Electric Dirt Bike Buyers Guide

What do you need to look for when you’re hoping to buy an electric dirt bike? It’s not actually something that’s easy to buy without doing research: there are thousands of different bike designs and models out there, each with their own good points, bad points and unusual quirks or extras that make them different from all the others. It’s not just a question of looking at a single factor, like their top speeds or the relative safety of each dirt bike: you need to look at everything as a whole, figure out what actually matters to you in the long run and then focus there, narrowing down your search by deciding which features and performance stats aren’t suitable.

Remember that dirt bikes, electric or not, are still dirt bikes. It’s not just a matter of finding the best: you also want to be sure that your children riding it will be safe.

Top Speed

Electric dirt bikes (and dirt bikes in general) always have a top speed. However, that doesn’t mean that going for the highest top speed is always the best idea, especially since the best electric dirt bikes for kids are supposed to keep them safe rather than letting them go as fast as physically possible. The faster an electric bike is, the harder it can be to control, even with strong dual disc brakes or a motor that can be switched to a lower setting.

In many cases, these bikes will only have one speed, or maybe two at most. Sometimes you’ll be able to adjust the motor power, but it isn’t always something you can do while you’re actually riding the bike, so it might have to be done ahead of time when it’s still stopped. You need to know what you’re getting ahead of time, since you can’t really change the speeds on a bike unless you’re knowledgeable enough to completely replace the motor and/or power and battery system.

Kids Motorcross

Top speed is a delicate balance. If a bike is too slow (either because of the low overall battery power, a bad motor or just because the bike frame is too heavy, it won’t be able to go very far very quickly, and might run out of charge faster than other models. It can also have the added problem of making it hard to stop on slopes, especially if the rider is going downhill. As you can expect, this can make it both dangerous and really hard to use for long periods of time, which can ruin the experience.

On the other hand, bikes that move too fast can also be dangerous for different reasons. If the bike features poor brake and acceleration control, it’s very easy for it to slip down slopes or become impossible to stop even with good dual disc brakes. They can also have the problem of being too much for younger riders to handle, which can be dangerous in its own way if they’re not actually properly prepared to deal with all of the fast movement around them and the quick reactions they’ll need if they want to stay completely safe.

Finally, remember that top speed also depends on the weight of the rider. It’s not often affected that much, but a heavier rider can make a bike slower. If a child is heavier or lighter than average by a significant amount, consider buying them an electric dirt bike that’s more appropriate for their size.


Even the best electric dirt bike will make some noise, but certain parts of the design will cause louder noises more often than others. For example, riding a bike with a badly-made chain system can often lead to increased noise, especially if it’s powered with a fast motor that’s moving it as speeds it wasn’t really designed to work at. The motor itself can sometimes also make a whirring noise that gets louder as it works harder, and there’s also always the chance of loose parts or weak connections rattling around and adding to the noise even further.

However, most of the time, an electric bike will be quieter than a one that takes regular fuel: this is because the engines work differently since they aren’t using internal combustion (which is loud) and are relying purely on the electrical power coming from the battery pack. This doesn’t mean that they’ll be perfectly silent, but it’s rare than an electric dirt bike will be louder than one using a normal engine.

One thing that many people forget is the way that noise affects the environment around you: a lot of dirt bike designs are banned from public areas because of the horribly loud sounds they make, especially around towns and cities where a lot of people might be trying to sleep or work. This can also be the same for farmland, public paths near private property or bike trails that are technically owned by the person who owns that land: they have a right to complain or kick you out if you’re making too much noise.

The lack of noise from electric dirt bikes makes them ideal for these kinds of locations: they won’t disturb other people as much, can’t upset nearby animals and are usually less quiet than the average car will be, making them more suitable and acceptable in more locations. This won’t always be the case, though, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be allowed on private land even if you have the quietest electric dirt bike you can find.

The Frame

mechanic fixing motocycle wheel

The frame of an electric dirt bike can make a big difference in terms of its structure and performance, even if you don’t realize it matters. First of all, some have a modified center of gravity, putting most of the weight either higher up or lower down compared to standard bikes. This can change how it performs: a lower center of gravity is better for longer smooth routes, whereas a higher center of gravity can be better in areas where you need to turn often, even if it’s just city streets. Both types can be useful for off-road rides, so neither of them are explicitly better than the other, and it mostly comes down to common sense and personal preference. To many people, it also simply might not matter that much as long as they’re comfortable during each ride.

Some frames will also be designed with certain built-in features, like kickstands, safety tools or even something as small as a headlight or torch. These won’t usually make or break an entire bike for you, but they can still be useful when you’re riding in certain situations and locations. You might also notice things like mudguards or extra brake systems for emergencies, things that often go overlooked but can be incredibly useful if you actually end up with them. The frame might even dictate something major like the seat height.

The construction of the frame will matter, too. The stronger a frame, the more it can endure before actually starting to get damaged, which can be useful during crashes and collisions. However, you’ll also want a frame that can hold up to everything outside of crashes as well: bad weather, wet ground, and puddles, falls from one raised surface to another (even if you land on the tires) and so on. Remember that the frame is what protects things like the battery pack, so being able to withstand bad weather and physical damage can make the entire system last for much longer.


Suspension is extremely important, acting as an extension of the frame and focusing on protecting both you and the bike from uneven ground. If you’re not aware, the suspension is basically the system that absorbs the extra force from the rough ground or uneven surfaces, making sure that you’re not feeling the full impact on your body and cushioning the bumps. It’s just like the suspension in a car, with parts of the bike working to absorb force before it can travel into your body.

Even the best electric dirt bikes can have weak suspension, so it’s important to decide how much it matters to you. If you’re really planning on using the bike to go over properly rough ground (like a woodland area), good suspension leads to a smooth ride and much less pain for the young rider. However, if it’s mostly for flat park areas, it’s not going to matter as much since there’s less of a risk in general.

Still, good suspension is important for all electric dirt bikes, since not having any at all (or having suspension that’s broken) will still put a lot of force into your body and hurt quite a lot. If you aren’t careful, it might even lead to serious injuries, no matter how smooth the ground actually looks or feels. It’s easy to forget how much of a difference suspension makes.

To reach maximum protection, many bikes use a dual suspension system that absorbs shocks from both the front and back wheels. Other systems only do it from the front, but the dual suspension is meant to be much more comfortable, with only a small loss in pedal performance (which doesn’t apply to electric dirt bikes, of course). However, dual suspension can cost more, and not all companies will have it on their bikes as a standard feature.

The Battery


Battery power is one of the main draws of electric dirt bikes, but even the best electric dirt bike has limits. You’ll have to watch out for the battery life during a ride, since all electric bikes can have quite a large full charge time and they’re not exactly the best when it comes to careful power usage. In fact, many can run out of battery power in under two hours of riding time, so it’s a good idea to know what kind of battery power levels you’re dealing with.

First of all, remember that even the best electric dirt bikes have to charge. This charging time can be anything from a few hours to a full day (at least if you want a full battery, which you usually do). The less you charge it for, the less electric power it will have, and there’s not usually a way to swap out the electric battery in an electric dirt bike unless you’ve very skilled at it already. They might even be built into the frame directly, making them next to impossible to remove or replace on your own.

Some battery packs might only last for about thirty minutes to an hour from a full charge, meaning that you get less than two hours of actual riding time with them. Others can run for eight hours or more before they finally run out of battery power, which can lead to a much longer ride in general. This usually increases the price of the battery, though, so you’ll find that battery power generally increases as the electric dirt bikes get more expensive. They might also take much longer to charge, far more than a cheaper battery that only lasts for half an hour.


One of the fewer mention elements of trying to buy the best electric dirt bikes you can find comes from the branding. Many companies will claim that they offer the best electric dirt bikes for certain situations or features, and brand names can have a lot of power when you’re choosing what to buy. However, it’s important to think clearly and understand which features you actually want or need from the dirt bike instead of just going for a popular option and then having to return or replace it later.

At the end of the day, you’re generally going to be looking for features rather than the brands themselves. Don’t get blinded by brand names if they don’t offer what you need: a bike should be comfortable and functional before anything else, even if that means that a certain brand’s line of electric dirt bikes doesn’t suit what you need.

This isn’t always the case, though. For example, the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath is a legitimately good bike, and can easily be one of the best electric dirt bike models for you on the market. Branding can be an indicator of quality, and the SX500 McGrath is likely to be very good even if it’s missing one or two features, so you can usually get used to it anyway. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for other electric dirt bikes, but brands can often be a good thing (i.e. you can rely on the SX500 McGrath to have all of Razor’s features and quality checks).

Be wary of fakes, too. Major companies will have all rights reserved on their trademarks and products, but “all rights reserved” doesn’t stop certain people from creating fakes or re-selling them after replacing major parts with inferior copies. Always try to buy from legitimate sites that have the correct “all rights reserved” notices or terms, and make sure that they’re actually the company they claim to be, just in case. Buying from third parties makes this trickier, but it’s still worth sticking to legitimate sites and marketplaces as often as possible.

Buyers Guide Questions

There are certain questions you can ask yourself to try and figure out if you’re actually getting the product you want, as well as common questions that people will often ask about any electric dirt bike models they’re interested in getting: this goes for both children’s models and adult’s models, since they’re really quite similar in many ways.

What is the best electric dirt bike?

It’s the most obvious question, but there’s not really a legitimate answer here that will satisfy everybody. Like all products, each electric dirt bike is different and will appeal to different people, so there isn’t a single answer that can be given that everybody will agree with. It really comes down to personal preferences, unique features and the actual design of each bike as a product. Because of this, somebody else’s “best” option might not actually be all that good when you use it, either because of their physical size and fitness or because of the type of situations they’ve been using it in.

For example, you might find a dirt bike that people say feels uncomfortable to ride because of the low seat height. However, this is usually dependent on body shape, and many people will actually feel fairly comfortable with a lower seat height even if it’s lower than on the average bike. On the other hand, you might have a child who’s started to grow faster than average, which could mean that “child-sized” electric dirt bikes might actually be slightly too small.

Other things, like built-in features or upgrades to a standard design, can also change the riding experience in ways that make the bike only suitable for certain people. Maybe it’s too fast, or the motor is too powerful. Maybe it’s too low to the ground, or doesn’t have a twist grip system. Literally any detail about a bike can change the quality of the ride for individual people, and there’s no guarantee that an electric dirt bike will work for everybody who tries it out.

What’s the fastest electric dirt bike?

On paper, the fastest electric bike designs are generally made with good centers of gravity, a strong motor that can last for a long ride without running out of power, tough wheels and a good electric system that can handle all kinds of bad conditions. In reality, this isn’t going to be the case: even if it was, you wouldn’t want a bike built for pure speed anyway. Most electric dirt bike designs are meant to put safety before anything else, which means that they’re never able to reach insane speeds.

Because of this, almost every electric dirt bike you find will offer a mixture of all useful features: steering, speed, brakes, safety, style, comfort, suspension, turning control, durability, quality and so on. There’s a lot of different elements that go into any kind of bike, so each bike represents more than just the speed it can reach.

As a side note, remember that some bike designs have multiple speed settings that you can use to ride in different ways or on different terrain. This can often mean that you’re artificially limiting the bike for safety reasons, something that can be extremely useful if it’s being ridden by a young rider who might not have the skills to fully control where they’re going yet.

Are electric dirt bikes any good?

Electric dirt bikes will always be weaker overall than regular dirt bikes, but each electric dirt bike comes with benefits that still make them worth using. For example, aside from the quiet operation and motors, they can also be much easier to handle and aren’t as polluting. In fact, if you’re getting the power from solar or hydro-electric sources, it’s technically not using any extra resources to power itself, although this can slow the charging down a bit. In most cases, an electric dirt bike is perfect for handling quite a wide range of situations and terrain types.

As you’d expect, an electric dirt bike is best used off-road, or at least on outdoor surfaces that aren’t entirely smooth. They can still work just fine on these surfaces, but they aren’t directly designed to work on them, so they might end up being a bit faster or harder to control than expected. On the plus side, they also won’t get stuck as often as a regular bike will, even in mud or on grassy areas.

Electric bikes also have the advantage of being rechargeable, often with a battery pack that connects to a basic charger. As long as there’s a working power outlet nearby, they can be recharged, which costs you nothing other than the price of the electricity. This makes an electric dirt bike much more flexible while also cutting down on fuel costs, the need to maintain an engine or the pollution than a fuel-powered bike can cause.

Are electric dirt bikes road legal?

Very few electric dirt bikes are legal on roads, and that goes double for those meant for children or younger riders. There are a lot of checks that a vehicle has to pass before it can be considered road legal in many countries, and a lot of designs aren’t road legal for one reason or another. This can be down to the speed, the amount of charge they retain, the way the design works… there are dozens of possible reasons why an electric dirt bike won’t be legal to use on roads.

In some areas, any dirt bike (even ones powered with normal fuel) won’t be legal, and some areas ban bikes altogether. Just because one is road legal doesn’t mean that it’ll be okay to use in every area, and you’ll still need to respect local laws, signs and other restrictions. You can usually check the rules ahead of time to see what is and isn’t allowed: in some areas, you might only be able to use a bike of a certain type, such as ones that can reach a certain speed threshold or designs that match a list of required safety features.

Most of the time, only the most powerful and longer-lasting bike designs will be road legal, mainly because they can outpace cars and won’t run out of charge in the middle of the road. A mini bike model that has weak batteries won’t be road legal: even if it’s somehow allowed on the road, you’re likely to get told to stop using it once you start holding up traffic.


Buying a bike like this isn’t that difficult once you know what to look for, but not all of them are up to a good standard of quality. Depending on what you need, there are dozens of companies out there offering unique and interesting bike designs with very niche features and extras, but the choice still depends on what you want (or, more accurately, what the rider wants).

At the end of the day, you’re buying a bike that fills the needs you’re dealing with, not the expectations of other people: make sure you look around properly and choose what you want, rather than just going for the most popular option and hoping that it works perfectly. Not only can this waste you some money, but a bad bike can actually be painful, dangerous or even a massive risk to the people around you, so it’s not something that should be handled lightly.

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