Electric bikes have become such an integral part of personal mainstream travel over the last few years. Whether you think about using one for your day to day commuting needs, getting about socially, for keeping fit, or just enjoying your free time exploring the big wide world, electric bikes tick all the boxes.

However, up until recently, there’s been a big problem with electric bikes just being far too expensive. When launched, it wasn’t uncommon to see electric bikes being sold for several thousand dollars, meaning most people had to miss out on the benefits they bought into people’s lives.

Nevertheless, as time went on, electric bikes have become more and more affordable, and nowadays, you can even get one for under $1,000. This is the line of best electric bikes we’re going to focus on today.

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Today we’re going to explore ten of the very best electric bikes under 1000 that we can find and detailing the pros and cons of each one to help you spend your money wisely. We’ll even throw in our comprehensive electric bike buying guide, so you know exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for the best modern way to get around!

1. Aceshin Folding Electric Bike


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Coming in as our best overall e bike, both in terms of price and functionality, is the Aceshin folding electric bike. This high-quality aluminum folding electric bike comes with a powerful 250W system that helps you keep going for longer.

This system is controlled using the 21-speed gear system with both front and rear disc brakes and a large 36V lithium battery. All in all, you’ll receive up to 25km in e-bike mode, or 50km in pedal-assist mode; all backed rapid 4-6 hour fast charging times.

With built-in headlights, an integrated, easy-to-use meter for monitoring your battery life, power-assisted modes, and speeds, and a top speed of 25km per hour, it’s no wonder that so many people are opting for this electric bike as their e-bike of choice.

+ A large 36V battery that can last up to 50km with only 4-6 hours of charging to get to full charge
+ A smart meter for changing between the three driving modes
+ A lightweight aluminum carbon steel frame for maximum comfort and shock absorption
+Three riding modes; free riding, pedal assist mode, and e-bike mode.

– None! By critics and riders, this e-bike is considered one of the best electric bikes under 1000!

Why We Like It – As the title suggests, this is a foldable bike, which means you can easily fold it down into a convenient size wherever you are. This makes it great for moving around at work or while traveling the underground, or for easy space-saving storage while you’re at home!

2. nakto City Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

nakto City Fat Tire Electric Bicycle


While Nakto may not be one of the most well-known e-bike brands, it’s still extremely popular and delivers exactly what you’d need from an e-bike for the best experience.

This high-speed fat tire electric bike houses an incredibly punchy 300W brushless motor and can average a top speed of 22mph while covering distances of up to 35-miles on a single charge.

This is all made possible thanks to the 36V lithium battery and the lightweight aluminum alloy frame that won’t hold you back. You can then control these speeds with the six-speed Shimano gear system with added front and rear disc brakes for optimal control.

Arriving 90% assembled, you can be up and riding in a matter of minutes as this e-bike gets through your door, and with the three interchangeable riding modes to choose between, you know you’ll always be in control of how you ride.

+ A lightweight aluminum alloy frame to ensure you can go faster for longer
+ A powerful motor backed by a 36V battery
+ Three selectable riding modes you can switch between at any time
+ Front and rear disc brakes and a six-speed Shimano gear system

– Availability can be limited from time to time

Why We Like It – To ensure this is a premium option of e-bike you can trust, each part of this bike comes with a one-year warranty. This means any problems with any part of this e-bike in the first year, and you can simply get in touch with Nakto who will be happy to sort it out quickly.

3. (Great Value) ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike


While all these e-bikes can be found for under $1,000, if you’re looking for a bike that really helps you to save money and not break the bank, it doesn’t get better than the budget-friendly Ancheer electric mountain bike.

With a super-strong and durable body made from carbon steel, including the front fork and suspension fork, you’ll be able to enjoy a 21-speed gear system and two pairs of disc brakes that are all designed to help you stay in control.

This is then complemented by the three riding modes; pedal assist, free riding, and complete e-bike mode, which can keep you going for distances reaching the 50km mark (in pedal assist mode).

With a 250w brushless motor, one year’s worth of servcing and warranty included for free on all parts, it’s easy to see why this is a number one best selling e-bike.

+ Offers the standard three riding modes you can choose between at any time
+ Some with one year’s worth of servicing on all parts
+ Can come part assembled or fully assembled; whatever is best for you
+ Fully adjustable seat and handlebars for maximum comfort

– The included horn and light is not the best and you’ll probably want to replace with your own

Why We Like It – While the e-bike will come 90% assembled, meaning you’ll just have to piece together the last bits yourself, there is the included option to have it fully assembled yourself. This is great if you’re not very handsy yourself and need to get riding this bike as soon as you get it through the door.

4. Ancheer 2019 Upgraded Electric Bike

Ancheer 2019 Upgraded Electric Bike


Hand in hand with the Ancheer e-bike above, if you love what they’re offering, but you require all the latest features and functions that will help your e-bike investment last for many years to come, this #1 Amazon Best Selling bike is ideal.

With a powerful motor that’s of a 250w brushless design and a 36V lithium battery, this is one of the top electric bikes under 1000 that comes with all the industry-leading specs. With a top speed of 15mph, it doesn’t matter if you’re adventuring or commuting, this bike will get you there.

Of course, there’s a fully controllable 21-speed gear system for enhanced hill climbing potential and to help you go further on your travels. The three riding modes you’d expect on an electric mountain bike come as standard and can be effortlessly selected using the built-in smart meter.

With servicing plans available and four unique designs and styles to help you choose a bike that best suits your personal aesthetic, is it any wonder this electric bike has thousands of satisfied customers around the world?

+ High-quality aluminum alloy frame that’s durable and lightweight
+ Comes with a 21-sped gear system for ultimate riding and hill-climbing potential
+ Comes with a built-in horn and LED headlight
+ The standard three riding modes are available on this bike

– Could be quite expensive for some budgets

Why We Like It – It’s rare that any product in the world, let alone an electric bike, is capable of holding full five-star reviews for several years, but this is one of the best rare exceptions. Despite hundreds of reviews on Amazon, this bike holds a perfect five-star rating, and you can bet this many people won’t be wrong.

5. ECOTRIC Mountain EBike

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Another popular electric bike under $1000 now, but this time coming from ECOTRIC, one of the best new kids on the block when it comes to electric bikes. With an incredibly powerful motor that delivers up to 500w of power, this is a bike you’ll want to watch out for.

Thanks to the 36V 12ah battery, you can enjoy a top speed of 20mph which can be controlled using the 7-speed gear system, courtesy of Shimano.

This is complemented by the 23.2kg weight that’s super lightweight compared with other bikes, ensuring you can go faster for longer. The battery also only takes eight hours to fully charge from flat, so if you bike to work, you can charge it up, and bike home again at the end of the day without having to wait around.

Of course, both full riding and pedal-assist modes are available, and you can even enjoy riding this bike in any weather condition thanks to the anti-slip wheels which are even adaptable to snow, sand, and all other kinds of topography.

All in all, this is a fantastic, highly rated bike that Ecotric have every right to be proud of, and you can enjoy safe in the knowledge it’s one of the best, and won’t let you down.

+ Comes with premium-quality Fat Tire wheels for traversing any terrain with ease
+ Variable speed controls and a seven-speed gear system to reach speeds up to 20mph
+ Can get the battery to full charge between six to eight hours
+ The battery can be locked onto the bike using the power lock function

– Assembly can be a little confusing to riders doing this for the first time. Always follow the instructions included!

Why We Like It – There are three versions of this bike available, black and blue, blue and white, or black and white. While subtle, choosing the color scheme that best suits you is only going to help you love using this bike even more!

6. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike


Swagtron is renowned for its excellent additions to the electric mountain bike market, and an excellent example of this comes in the form of the Swagcycle EB-7.

As a folding bike, you’ll be able to enjoy all the highly portable benefits that come with this bike, from space-efficient storage to a lightweight build you can take with you anywhere you go throughout your day to day life.

Despite the foldable design, you can still enjoy the 16-inch wheels and three standard driving modes that are connected to the punchy 350W motor, making this one of the most powerful foldable bikes around.

With advanced rear suspension and an IP4X rating, it doesn’t matter what kind of road surfaces you’re traveling down, this bike can handle it, and will guarantee to keep you balanced and comfortable at the same time.

All of this, a fast-charging battery that takes less than four hours to charge, and a removable feature so you don’t have to worry about your battery getting stolen, is there really any need to look further than this?

+ Advanced rear suspension and durable front fork for the most comfortable ride over any type of roads
+ The battery can be fast-charged in less than four hours and can be removed so you can prevent theft
+ Will last up to 15.5 miles on a single battery charge
+ Offers access to the three best electric bike riding modes you’ll need

– Not as powerful as other non-foldable electric bikes

Why We Like It – With each purchase of the EB-7 for under 1000 bucks, you’ll have access to Swagtron’s Gold Standard customer service team backed by a one-year warranty. It doesn’t matter what problems you’re having, the Swagtron team are one phone away from getting it sorted as quickly as possible.

7. Vilano Atom Electric Folding Bike

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Loaded up with a 36V Samsung lithium-Ion battery, you know this is an electric bike that’s giving you some raw power behind you that you can trust, the Vilano is one of the best electric bikes under 1000 you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Affordable and feature-rich, this bike comes packed with a 250W brushless motor, and a rear-drive DC motor to give you all the power you need to get where you need to go.

Foldable by design, there are plenty of comfort features on this carbon steel folding electric bike, including the outstanding range that exceeds 25 miles on a full charge battery, free pedals and kickstands, an adjustable seat, and rear hub.

With a durable carbon steel front fork and included headlight, this is just about everything you’ll need for one of the most complete electric bicycle riding experiences, especially when you consider the affordable price tag.

+ Comes loaded with a world-class Shimano seven-speed gear system
+ Comes with a headlight ready to use straight out of the box
+ Loaded with a 250W brushless motor for the most power in a small yet mighty motor
+ Adjustable seat with a quick-release setting

– Not as many shock absorption features as other electric bike models
– Shouldn’t be used as an electric mountain bike

Why We Like It – To ensure you have full control over your riding experience, this best electric bike from Amazon comes with a seven-speed Shimano gear system. Shimano is the most renowned gear manufacturer in the world, and truly is the best of the best.

8. nakto Electric Bicycle

nakto Electric Bicycle


While a lot of the bike models we’ve featured in our best electric bikes under 1000 list today are unisex and are mainly designed to be gender-neutral and suitable everyone, if you’re looking for more of a women’s touch to your electric bike, then look no further than the nakto Electric Bike for women.

All the standard features you’d expect on your electric bike are present, including a tasty 250W brushless motor and a 36V 10aH removable battery that can be charged in just four hours but can ride in excess of 35 miles on a single charge.

There’s full suspension thanks to the front and rear suspension fork, and it’s worth noting there are many reviews on Amazon stating just how good the front suspension is; mostly better than your traditional electric bikes best models have to offer.

There are only two riding modes on this bike, which is e-bike mode and pedal assist, but you can control the speeds of both using the variable speed controls on the handlebar by twisting it like a motorbike throttle. It’s a lot of fun.

+ A great electric bike to choose for women, either for yourself or as a gift
+ Every part of this bike comes with a 12-month warranty, except from the motor which is covered for 24-months
+ The front suspension is far better than most electric bike models
+ This bicycle electric battery will keep you going for up to 35 miles with a top speed of 20mph

– May not be ideal for male riders looking for an electric mountain bike

Why We Like It – With a 12-month warranty on every part of the bike, except the motor which comes with a two-year warranty, you know this is an electric bike you can trust. Any repairs or replacements you need to be made will take place within seven days, ensuring you’re never left without your bike for too long.

9. Goplus Electric Bicycle

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If you’re not looking to take off into the cities, but you’re looking for an even more adventurous experience around the mountains and through and across other difficult terrains, this electric mountain bike under $1000 from GoPlus could be exactly what you need.

With a 250w motor backed by a 36V lithium battery, you can reach speeds of up to 22 miles for distances up to 22 miles, which is truly insane for an electric mountain bike. Of course, the most battery efficient surface would be flat pavement.

Thanks to the built-in smart meter, you can easily set your speeds and riding experience using any of the available riding modes on this bike, and just at the push of a button, you can easily switch between them with no hassle whatsoever.

Every aspect of the bike is comfortable, including the seat and the handlebars, so you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing this bike or being uncomfortable. By investing in this bike, you’re investing in a future where you never have to worry about having to buy another electric mountain bike again.

While it’s worth noting there is a 350lb weight limit on this bike, the fat tire design and seven-speed adjustable gear system are perfect for keeping you going for longer, no matter what terrain may lay ahead of you.

+ Made from aluminum alloy materials that are both lightweight and durable
+ A powerful lithium battery that can last up to 22 miles
+ Fitted with a high-speed 250W motor for maximum power
+ A UL approved charger that keeps this electric bike safe to use and charge anywhere

– Comes with a 350lb maximum load limit

Why We Like It – No matter what kind of electric bike riding experience you want, the GoPlus is an optimal choice. There are even headlights and front suspension as standard, meaning you can keep pushing forward, no matter what you face or even what time of day it is. What more could you be after in an electric mountain bike?

10. Macwheel 28″ Electric Trekking/Touring Bike

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The final electric bike for our best-of bikes list today comes in the form of the Macwheel 28-inch electric bike. Hand’s down one of the highest quality bikes on our list, this is a very expensive option, but it’s also one that’s going to give you everything you’re looking for.

Capable of being used as both a trekking bike and a touring bike, this bike is made using fat tire models, a handy rear hub for carrying items, mountain bike ready wheels and chassis, and some of the best components in the market.

Some of the brands included in the components list include Shimano, Tektro, KMC, Kenda, and more.

The powerful battery on this bike model is a lovely 250W, and it’s a brushless design of a motor, meaning you get the maximum efficiency rating possible from this motor. This is then backed by a bike-mounted lithium battery measuring in at 360W.

This is far more powerful than most electric bicycle models on out here, especially for under 1000. With a solid range of up to 80km, depending on which cycle mode you’re using, this is a bike that guarantees to get you to where you need to be.

+ A solid yet lightweight aluminum alloy design that helps you keep speed no matter where you’re riding
+ A fat tire electric bike with a powerful 250W motor (brushless) to help you tackle and ride over any terrain
+ Three riding modes and a battery that can charge fully in under eight hours
+ Built using some of the most coveted components from the most renowned bike brands in the world

– Potentially way too expensive for some budgets. Right up to the higher end of the price bracket

Why We Like It – Again, this is hand’s down one of the best electric bikes under 1000 out there; this is a fact that cannot be understated. With full five-star reviews from customers and critics alike, you may even dare to say this bike is near perfect!

Electric Bikes Under $1000 Buyers Guide

Found a bike you like the look of from our list above? That’s great; there’s no denying these bikes will give you the greatest experience while saving your money along the way. However, for some of you, if you’re going to be spending hundreds of dollars on a bike, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending it on the right one.

In our buying guide below, we’re going to share with you the features you need to look out for when it comes to buying an electric bike, ensuring you pick the right one suitable for exactly what you’re looking for.

Motor Specs

Close up of battery of an E-Mountainbike

There are two main types of motor you could be riding with; a traditional motor and a brushless variation. The two are fairly different in the sense that a brushed motor conducts electricity. While only a small part of the motor, this is what generates the electricity that makes the bike run.

On the other hand, a brushless model using magnets, and therefore doesn’t create friction like the brushed motor does and is considered way more efficient as a result.

You’ll also want to be thinking about power. The majority of motors will be measured in watts (W), and the more power you have behind, the faster you’ll be able to go and for longer.

The electric bike market under 1000 will start around the 250W but can go all the way up to 350W+. It just depends on how much power you’re after.

Battery Charge & Range

Of course, an e-bike just turns into a regular bike if it doesn’t have charge, which is why it’s important to think about how big your bike’s battery is and how long it’s going to last.

Typically, most modern bike battery will be able to last around 30-50km, depending on the type of battery and what model of bike you choose to ride.

However, hand in hand with this feature, you’ll want to think about how long this battery will take to charge. Most bike batteries will only take up to eight hours max to charge, which means you can charge it through the day or night and have it ready for your next trip.

A handy feature to think about. Another handy feature is the ability to remove the batteries when you park your bike up to prevent it from getting stolen.

E-bike Speed Controls

e-bike smart mobility

Most bikes will come with one or two types of control, and this will depend on what works best for you. The easiest way to switch between the riding modes is using a smart meter which should be mounted on the handlebars and will simply have three buttons, one for each mode.

You may also be able to control the speed of your bike using a throttle-like variable speed control, which is usually found as a feature you can twist with your hands.

Adjustability and Comfort

Since you could be riding your bike for hours every day, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable, so look for comfortable features. such as a padded seat and gripped handlebars.

You may also want the ability to adjust the size of the bike, whether that’s adjusting the rear hub or forks, or the height of the seat and handlebars.

Being able to adjust your bike in this way is a great feature to have because it means the bike can fit your perfectly without causing aches and pains, and you won’t grow out of the bike so quickly.


Man Riding Electric Mountain Bike In Alps

Being able to go somewhat quickly is one of the biggest benefits of having an electric bike, so it’s worth thinking about what speed your preferred bike can travel at.

Most bikes will vary depending on what riding modes they have to offer, what battery life they have, and what kind of wheels and motor it uses. Typically, you’ll be able to average speed of 15mph, but there are plenty of bikes that will go faster than this is want it to.

Foldable Bike Design

There are many models of electric bikes out there which are designed to fold up into smaller versions of themselves for many reasons.

Let’s say you bike to the metro in your city and then travel across town and then bike the remaining distance for your commute. Having a bike that can fold up into a convenient package can not only make it easier to carry around, but also saves space at the office.

Of course, these benefits apply at home, at work, or even if you’re going off-road around some park or mountain and need to get there by putting your bike in the car.

Wheels and Terrain (Suspension)

Finally, the last point you’ll want to think about is what kind of purpose you’re going to be riding your bike for, and what kind of topography and terrain this means you’re going to be riding over.

If you’re going to be riding along flat roads and pavements around your city or town, you’re going to need a light suspension with road-ready tires.

However, if you’re travelling off-road and around mountains and the sorts, you’re going to want fat tires or off-road tires, and a suspension setup which will help you to make the most of your experience.

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