An electric bike is an excellent form of transport that’s fun and kind to the environment, but electric bikes can be very expensive. The best option for saving some money is to convert your regular bike into an electric bike with the help of an electric bike conversion kit. These kits will contain everything you need, including a powerful motor, a sturdy controller, and a display screen so that you can check what speed you’re going, and also see how much of your battery you’ve used.

There are lots of different types of electric bike conversion kits on the market, with some featuring a mid-drive motor, and others using a motor on the front wheel or rear wheel. As you’ll be converting your bike at home with the help of the kit, then the best kits will be user-friendly and will come with a helpful manual that offers easy-to-follow instructions.

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To make sure that your invest your money in the best kit for your needs, then read this list of the seven best electric bike conversion kits, as well as our guide to buying an electric bike conversion kit that comes after it.

1. Bafang BBS02B 48V Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor Conversion Kit

Bafang BBS02B 48V Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor Conversion Kit


It’s simple to convert your mountain, road, or commuter bike into an electric bike with this conversion kit. In fact, it’s possible to install it in three easy steps! The kit includes everything that you’ll need. But the best feature of this kit is the motor, which has a power rating of 750w. It features a gear drive system. Bafang products are always known for their reliability, so this kit is a safe investment.

The kit includes an e-brake so that you stay safe when you’re cycling your newly converted electric bicycle. Not only is the motor highly effective, but it’s also very quiet, so it won’t cause you any distraction when you’re out cycling. A 48v battery is recommended to power the motor, but Bafang also says that you can use a 52v battery if you require extra power.

+ 750w motor
+ Easy to install
+ Includes thumb throttle
+ Compatible with 48v and 52v batteries
+ Very quiet

Why We Liked It – This electric conversion kit for bike from Bafang is exceptional, providing quality across the board, but the 750w motor has to be its best feature.

2. Bafang BBSHD Ebike Motor Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Bafang BBSHD Ebike Motor Mid Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit


This Bafang kit is compatible with a 52v and a 48v battery. It features a mid-drive motor, rather than a front-wheel or rear-wheel mechanism. The kit enhances the efficiency of your pedaling after it has been easily installed onto your bicycle. It offers two riding modes, so you can simply switch between the electric or the regular pedal mode, as sometimes it may be best to cycle normally and conserve the battery.

The motor has IP65 water resistance, so you don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain when you’re out cycling. It includes an LCD screen that you can fit on the front of your bicycle. Here, you can check what speed you’re going, as well as the level of your battery. The great thing about a mid-drive system is that you don’t need to remove your front or back wheel. This motor is so sleek and light that it won’t affect your riding, either.

+ Mid-Drive motor
+ IP65 water resistance
+ Two ride modes
+ Simple to install
+ Suitable for mountain bikes

Why We Liked It – It’s a premium-quality conversion kit that features a mid-drive system, so there’s no need to remove your front wheel or rear wheel. The motor is very effective and powerful, making it suitable for riding off-road or on mountain trails.

3. AW Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle E-Bike Conversion

AW Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle E-Bike Conversion


If you’re looking for a bargain e-bike conversion kit that delivers a lot of value for money, then this is a superb option. It includes a superb rear wheel that’s got a reinforced 32mm rim and an excellent 40mm tire. To make sure that you get all the benefits of an electric bike, it also features a ‘Pedal Assist System.’ This makes cycling is a breeze, even if you’re going up inclines.

When it comes to speed, this conversion kit ticks the right boxes, as it will get you up to top speeds of approximately 45 km/h. The kit comes with lots of extras, too, including a controller, a speed throttle, two handlebar grips, an LCD display, a battery connection cable, and a rope, as well as a few other handy accessories. It can be easily installed in a short amount of time by just following the instructions in the manual.

+ Excellent rear wheel
+ Top speed of 45 km/h
+ Pedal Assist System
+ Can be easily installed
+ Great value-for-money

Why We Liked It – This has to be one of the best electric bike conversion kits in this price range. It offers exceptional value-for-money and is also very easy to fit onto your bike.

4. TongSheng TSDZ2 Electric Bike Central Motor Conversion Kit

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This is a superb electric bike conversion kit that will fit onto almost every single bicycle that’s got a standard frame and a 68mm to 73mm bottom bracket. Unlike lots of electric bike conversion kits, the motor on this one is actually very light, which is an excellent feature. Another great feature is the LCD screen that will display all the crucial information you need when cycling, such as the battery level, your current speed, and what gear you are using. The thumb throttle is an effective, high-quality element of this kit. To make sure that the motor stays consistently connected to your bike, it comes with an extra support mount. This is very handy, as you wouldn’t want it to come off as you’re riding over uneven, rugged terrain.

+ Motor has extra support mount
+ Large display screen
+ Can be fitted to 95% of regular bike frames
+ Motor is easy to adjust
+ Max speed is 37 km/h

Why We Liked It – The lightweight motor is a great feature of this excellent electric bike conversion kit, and it makes riding your newly converted bike much easier as a result.

5. AW Electric Bicycle Front Wheel Frame Kit

AW Electric Bicycle Front Wheel Frame Kit


This 20″ front wheel conversion kit from AW has a brushless motor that provides 1,000w of power. The motor also delivers a revolution speed of 480 rpm, which translates to a top speed of 28 mph. To control the speed, this kit includes a well-built throttle that you can operate with your thumb easily while you’re cycling. The wheel is made from a very high-grade aluminum that provides long-term durability.

This electric bike kit includes a pedal-assist sensor, which is perfect for long rides. And also, part of this bike kit is a dual-mode controller so that you can alternate between the Hall Effect and the Non-Hall Effect. Installation is simple, as long as you follow the instructions, which can be found in the manual that’s part of the kit.

+ 20″, aluminum front wheel
+ 48v 1000w of power
+ Very durable
+ Affordable kit
+ Can ride up to 28 mph

Why We Liked It – The front wheel is durable, well-built, and easy to fit onto your bike, making this a superb kit, especially when the price tag is taken into account.

6. EBIKELING Direct Drive Front Or Rear Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

EBIKELING Direct Drive Front Or Rear Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit


EBIKELING kits always come full of everything you need to turn your regular bike into an electric one. The most crucial element of all the kits that EBIKELING sells is the 1,200w brushless hub motor, as well as the 30 amp controller. Each electric bike kit also comes with brake levers that are compatible with both v-type brakes and disc brakes.

There are numerous options as to what type of kit you purchase, as it’s possible to choose one for your rear wheel or your front wheel. It doesn’t come with a battery, but it’s standard that electric bike kits don’t include a battery. We recommend that you get a 48v battery to power it. These kits come with different price tags. The major difference between the kits is the LED display and the LCD display, with the latter showing more information.

+ Multiple electric bike conversion kits to choose from
+ 1,200w brushless hub motor
+ All kits include a 30 amp controller
+ LCD or LED display
+ Compatible with v-type brakes and disc brakes

Why We Liked It – All the electric bike conversions kits that EBIKELING sells are of the highest quality. In each kit, you get a fantastic motor that is both powerful and efficient.

7. Goplus Electric Bicycle Kit

Goplus Electric Bicycle Kit


Goplus makes some of the best bike conversion kits around, and this is a perfect example of its high-quality kits. It has a 48v 1000w high-power hub motor, which will get the bike up to a top speed of between 17.5 mph and 21 mph. This kit includes a controller that’s been made from aluminum alloy, which enhances its durability. The kit also has an LCD display as part of it, providing riders with all the essential info you need when you’re cycling.

This includes how fast you’re traveling and how many miles you’ve ridden. When you’ve used this kit to convert your bike into an electric bike, then you’ll have multiple options when it comes to riding modes, including Electric Mode, Manpower Mode, and Electric-Power Assistance Mode. The rear wheel is very easy to replace on your current bike, and everything in this electric bike conversion kit is designed with the same user-friendliness.

+ Easy to install
+ High-quality 48v 1000w hub motor
+ Multiple riding modes
+ Can go up to 21 mph
+ Reasonable price

Why We Liked It – The best kits have the best motors, and that’s exactly what this superb electric bike conversion kit has. The 48v 1000w motor is powerful, efficient, and effective.

Electric Bike Conversion Kits Buyers Guide

There are lots of different types of electric bike conversion kits on the market, and the electric bike kit that you choose will depend on your own needs. We’re going to look at the key features that most electric bike kits offer and explain them. Let’s get started.

Types of Motors

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The best electric bike conversion kit for you will depend on the type of motor that you choose. You have three options. Two rely upon a replacement wheel, with this wheel replacing the stock wheel on your bicycle, which can mean either the front wheel or the wheel at the rear. Let’s have a look at the three types of motors.

Front Wheel Motor:

This is exactly as the name suggests. A front wheel will include the motor that powers the newly converted e-bike. The wheel needs to be able to fit your bicycle, of course. The wheel is easy to change, and the installation of the whole kit can be done in under an hour, even if you have no experience with bikes. Usually, the front wheel system will rely on a thumb throttle, which will come as part of the kit.

Rear Wheel Motor:

Instead of the motor being in the front wheel with a rear-wheel motor, it’s in the back wheel of your bicycle. Again, installation is quite easy, as it’s just a matter of replacing the back wheel. You will find that kits, including motors, may be 36v 500w or more powerful, as a 36v 500w motor isn’t quite enough for most people’s needs. The best electric conversion kits usually have powerful motors.

Mid Drive Motor:

Instead of the motor being fitted inside either of the wheels, with a mid-drive motor, it’s incorporated into the pedal system. This type of motor is especially good for climbing hills. Although, you need to be aware that they can sometimes be bulky or heavy and can be difficult to install.


The speed will alter from kit to kit. It isn’t uncommon to find e-bike kits that allow you to get up to speeds far surpassing 40mph.

Pedal Assist

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There are many benefits to a pedal-assist system being incorporated into the kit. It offers a good alternative to a throttle, as the pedal assistance system manages to automatically kick in and help you out, depending on how you are pedaling. It may be more likely to find this technology on mid-drive kits. But it’s possible to find a pedal assistance system on the front wheel or rear wheel kits too.

Display Screen

This is an important feature as it means you’ll be able to see the speed that you’re traveling at, as well as the level of your battery. Usually, kits will feature either an LCD or an LED display, with the LCD option being much clearer and easier to read.

Can you convert a normal bike into an electric bike?

Yes. That’s what an electric bike conversion kit is for. If you get a kit, then it will contain everything you need to transform your old bicycle into an electric bicycle. The kit should be compatible with your bicycle, though, especially if you choose a mid-drive motor. The frame has to be strong to be able to handle a mid-drive motor. And the size of the frame will also alter the compatibility with your bicycle.

Are e-bike conversion kits good for everyone?

Yes. An e-bike conversion kit has so many benefits. One of the best features of an e-bike conversion kit is that you can get all the best features of a standard e-bike without needing to spend the same amount of cash as you’d need to on a pre-built electric bicycle. The kit contains everything you need, except a battery, and allows you to do the work from the comfort of your own home.

How do you know what battery to buy to go with the e-bike conversion kit?

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Even the very best electric bike conversion kits won’t include a battery. That means you will need to order a battery on top of the conversion kit. You should find a recommendation in the information about the kit. It will tell you the size of the battery to order; that could be a 48v or 52v battery or another sized battery.

You shouldn’t cut costs on the battery. If you purchase a battery that dies quickly, then your electric bicycle won’t function as an e-bike anymore. If possible, you should order a battery that is made by the same company that has manufactured your kit. If it isn’t possible to find a battery that’s been manufactured by the same company, then you should choose one that’s made by a reputable manufacturer.

How difficult is it to install an electric bike kit onto a bike?

The best electric bike kits are easy to install. They will come with handy instructions that you can follow so that you can do this process right. The best manufacturers of these kits will also have video tutorials so that you can follow an expert and get everything right. But it’s also an option to take the kit to a workshop and to ask an expert to attach the kit to your bicycle. It won’t cost you much money, and if you’re not comfortable with DIY, then it could also be a good option. It usually won’t take an expert longer than an hour to install the kit.

How much does it cost to convert a bicycle to electric?

Once you have bought the conversion kit, then the only other expense is the battery. In some cases, you may need to buy some tools, if you don’t already have them at home. But that’s it. The best thing about converting your regular bicycle into an e-bike with a kit is that it costs a lot less than buying a ready-made e-bike. You may even wish to try out a conversion kit first to see what you like best about having an e-bike, and then invest the money in a pre-built e-bike after experimenting with a kit-converted one.

Expert Tip

Always remember that a battery isn’t usually included in the conversion kit. You will need to order a battery separately. Check the information about the kit as to what battery is compatible with the motor inside the kit. And don’t cut costs when it comes to buying the battery. It’s an important piece of equipment, and it’s worth spending extra pennies on, as it will then do justice to the kit you’ve bought.

Did you know?

The first designs for electric bikes were done in the 1890s, and the very first electric bike was manufactured in 1895 by an American man named Ogden Bolton Jr.


Now you’re in the best position to choose a new electric conversion kit. The best electric bike kit for you will depend on the type of riding that you intend to do, the bike that you wish to convert, and also the amount of money that you wish to spend. The best electric bike conversion kits will arrive containing everything that you need to turn your regular bike into an electric bike. Once again, a battery is not included with most kits, so you will need to ensure you order a battery separately. Make sure it’s compatible with the motor inside the kit you’ve purchased. A large, legible display screen is a handy feature, too. It means that you can keep an eye on your speed and how much of your battery you’ve used.

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