Imagine: you’re rolling along on your skateboard when all of a sudden, something runs out in front of you, and you need to stop immediately. How do you stop quickly and safely on a skateboard? There really isn’t a good way to do it unless you hop off, and that’s not safe either. What if you need to go down a hill to get to your destination? Is it safe? Can you easily stop when you get to the bottom, once you’ve picked up all of that speed? Probably not.

If you run into a rock or other debris with a regular skateboard, then the chances are that you’ll end up being thrown off because the hard wheels will cause the skateboard to stop instantly. Navigating quick turns can be difficult when you can’t easily control your speed and your direction.

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If you’re reading this and you’re wondering what the alternative could be, the answer is an electric skateboard. When it comes to electric boards, the options available come in a wide range.

1. Hiboy Electric Skateboard

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This is one of the best cheap electric skateboards if you’re not looking to skate in extreme conditions or at maximum speed. The Hiboy S11 is designed for those that are looking for an easy ride that’s still fun. It works great for things that range from cruising down the street to commuting to school. When you’re looking for a skateboard, electric ones are something to consider, especially if you want your teen to be safe. The top speed on the Hiboy S11 is 12 mph. It can take you as far as 6 miles on a single battery charge.

+Safer for teenagers
+Easy to control the speed range

Why We Like It – Those who have purchased this cheap electric skateboard claim that it’s great for beginners and joy-riders. The hub motor makes coasting a breeze. They do wish that the battery holds a charge for more than 6 miles, though. A great alternative to check out, however, is the Acton Blink Lite board.

2. SWAGSKATE NG2 A.I. Powered Electric Longboard


SWAGSKATE NG2 A.I. Powered Electric Longboard


What makes this one of the best electric skateboards is the fact that you don’t need to use a remote control to adjust your speed and direction. You can rely on yourself to control the range of those things if you want to. But it does also come with a wireless remote so that you can control your acceleration and speed mode. The Swagskate NG2 A.I. electric longboard can reach speeds of 18 miles per hour and can handle inclines of up to 15 degrees. It runs on two 450 watt motors.

+220 pound weight limit
+Self or remote control option
+Maple wood and bamboo structure

Why We Like It – Customers suggest that beginners may not want to try this specific board for electric skateboarding. Once you get going, it’s difficult to stop with grace. The brakes work so well that they can stop you much quicker than you expect.

3. Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard


If your teen wants a skating board, electric is a great option, especially for beginners. Don’t worry too much about your budget range when considering this electric skateboard. You get plenty bang for your buck. You can kick-off to get to your desired speed (which saves battery) and then lock-in your speed (with a top speed of 9.3 miles per hour). This way, you can focus more on your coasting and carving than keeping your speed up. When it comes to cheap electric skateboards, you’re not sacrificing anything when you buy this one, unless you anticipate going faster than 9.3 miles per hour.

+Sensors stop the board when not in use
+16.8 volt, 2 Ah lithium-ion battery
+Polyurethane wheels and deck to handle pavement

Why We Like It – Customers only wish that the weight limit exceeds 150 pounds. This limit holds back a lot of people from buying it. Even if you’re a teen under the 150-pound range, it’s easy to pass that limit as you grow.

4. Aceshin Electric Skateboard

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If you’re looking for an electric skateboard suitable for your kids or teens in the 140 weight range, this is one of the best. It’s designed with 6 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of bamboo, making it stable and solid. The maximum weight is 140 pounds, so many older teens and adults cannot ride it. It runs on a brushless 350-watt hub motor. The battery takes 1.5 hours to charge, and the top speed is 12 miles per hour.

+Can work with other remotes or as a regular skateboard
+Three-speed range and ergonomic control
+Can be used in reverse

Why We Like It – What makes this one of the best electric skateboards is the fact that it can go as far as 7 miles on a single battery charge. It shuts off once it’s been inactive for 5 minutes, saving energy for your next ride. You may want to consider looking into the Acton Blink Lite for comparisons.

5. Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Mini

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Mini


It can be difficult to choose between different electric skateboards. What works best for you may not work best for someone else. If longboards intimidate you and speed scares you, this mini electric skateboard could be a great choice in your specified range. It weighs just 7.9 pounds and is 20x7x5.12 inches. The remote control allows you to see your battery life and speed displayed on a screen. You can even set the remote on cruise control so that you don’t have to worry about continually speeding up and slowing down. This can help save the battery life of a single charge.

+7 layers of maple wood
+Top speed of 12 mph
+High performance 250-watt hub motor

Why We Like It – Pretty much anyone can handle this mini electric skateboard. However, the max weight range is just 110 pounds, so it is geared mostly towards kids and teenagers. Customers love that it’s so easily portable and that the wireless remote displays the pace and battery life. If you need a board to compare it to, check out the Acton Blink Lite.

6. Aceshin Electric Skateboard Longboard

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When on a budget, it’s important to consider all aspects of an item you’re looking to purchase. At first glance, this longboard may not seem great for the budget, but consider the fact that it’s sturdy and won’t need to be replaced after 6 months. It’s constructed with 1 layer of bamboo and 6 of maple wood. It’s lightweight, weighing in at 12 pounds, and can hold up to 220 pounds, meaning it can stay with your kid as they grow into adulthood.

+Lithium battery
+Powerful but safe
+Capable of going in reverse

Why We Like It – College students are fans of electric skateboards, and this one, in particular, is one of the best for getting them uphills and through their campus. However, it does wear the battery down. Parents are fans of the 12 miles per hour pace limit.

7. RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard


This is one of the best cheap electric skateboards for your wallet if your price range includes anything under $200. It’s one of the best, and safest, for kids aged 9 and older. It has a top speed of 10 miles per hour and a weight limit of 220 pounds, so it can stay with your kid as they grow. It can last up to 40 minutes on a single charge, even if you travel at top speed the whole time. Easily control your pace with the handheld remote and 125-watt motor.

+High-quality bamboo construction
+Great for kids and beginners
+Highwer weight limit

Why We Like It – Parents agree this is the best electric skateboard for beginners and kids. The speed limit isn’t outrageous, but it’s also not maxed out at 5 miles per hour, either. The longboard design helps with easy steering.

8. BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard

BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard


The Blitzart Huracane skateboard is the thinnest electric skateboard on the market at just 0.59 inches. It’s only 3 inches from the ground, which provides more control and stability. It’s considered to be a longboard with a length of 37 inches. This board has a weight limit of 200 and weighs 14.5 pounds itself. The 2 motors are 380-watts each and can go as far as 11 miles with a speed limit of 22 miles an hour.

+Wireless remote can change direction, pace, and initiate reversing
+Strong-grip wheels
+Hidden battery keeps it looking like a regular board

Why We Like It – While this does not fit into the category of a cheap electric skateboard, it does fit into the category of the best electric skateboards. With such a high top speed, it may not be the best idea for children, but college students and other adults are fans.

Budget Electric Skateboard Buyers Guide

Electric vs. Regular Skateboards

Close up of a young skater girl's feet and skateboard

Whether you’re an avid skater or not, you may be wrestling with the decision between an electric board, a longboard, and a regular board. What’s the difference? What is safer? What allows more freedom and fun? While longboards are cool to look at and fun to ride, they also require a lot of work to get used to. It takes a while to find your balance and then more time to learn to control it.

Regular boards are classic, dependable, and fun, but they can also be very dangerous. If you’re not an experienced rider, it doesn’t take much to make you wipe out, and sometimes that can put you in positions that are not very safe. If you’re riding in town, you need to be able to have complete control so that you don’t set yourself up for injury by laying yourself out in the middle of a sidewalk or street.

To have the most control over your board, an electric skateboard is a great choice. Not only can you have control of your speed in the palm of your hand (literally), but you can more easily brake, coast, and steer. Yes, they do need to be charged, but even if they run out of battery life while you’re out riding around, you can simply revert to riding them as regular boards. There are many reasons why electric skateboards are the better choice for some.

1 – More Enjoyable

First, you’re more able to enjoy yourself instead of worrying so much about keeping up the pace, changing directions quickly, and somehow figuring out how to brake quickly enough to avoid obstacles. When using a regular board, you have to constantly be doing something to keep your pace up. It can take a huge toll on your body and your fun factor. When you control the pace from the palm of your hand, you can keep both feet on the board and be able to coast more freely and steer with more ease.

2 – Great For Commuters

Whether you’re in high school, college, or have a job nearby, commuting can be an obstacle. You can make your life more simple by investing in an electric skateboard to get you from point A to point B. If you live in a city, it can be hard to catch a train, bus, or taxi in time to make it to your destination before you’re late. If you can just hop on your skateboard and go, you’ll only have yourself to blame if you’re late. You’ll have more fun getting to where you’re going, which should set you up for a good day. You’ll also save yourself money when you choose to bypass buses, trains, and taxis.

3 – Better Brakes

When you try to stop quickly on a regular skateboard, you can set yourself up for wrecks and injuries pretty easily. There are many ways to stop your regular board, including the foot brake, which requires you to put one foot on the ground and drag it to cause friction and slow you down. Heel braking requires you to lean back and get the board to touch the ground. You can also roll into rougher terrain to naturally slow yourself, carve long turns to slow down, pop the board up and jog yourself to a stop, or, if you’re advanced enough, you can perform a power slide.

When you need to stop on an electric skateboard, it’s a much simpler and safer process. With electric skateboards, you hold the power in your hand – literally. All you need to do, when you’re ready to stop, is push a button. The motors will stop the board for you. It’s a much less dangerous way to stop your board and yourself.

4 – Convenient Charging

While it may seem like a pain to have to charge your skateboard, it’s really not that bad. Also, you can use electric skateboards like regular boards anytime the battery runs out. When you get to your destination, simply find an outlet and plug your board in to charge it up for your next ride. The only downside that comes with having to charge your skateboard is that it can take as long as 1-4 hours to get a full charge. Because of this, there will be times when you have to use it as a regular board. While this may not come as an issue to some, others would rather have the battery last a whole day. At this time, that’s just not a possibility.

5 – Conquer Inclines Easier

Electric skateboards are like a gift from heaven when you have a hill on your route. When you’re riding a regular skateboard uphill, it’s an insanely difficult challenge, and often you find yourself needing to get off of the board and walk up the hill instead. When you ride electric skateboards up hills, though, it’s as easy as using a tram. Keep in mind that the power needed to climb the hill will depend upon your body mass and the inclination of the hill. Make sure that the wattage of your motor can handle it before you attempt it. If your board is capable of pulling your weight up the hill, you’ll never switch back to a regular board.

6 – Safely Go Downhill

We don’t only need to worry about going up a hill; we need to be worried about what we’ll do when it’s time to go down the hill, too. With a regular skateboard, going downhill can be extremely dangerous, especially when there’s an intersection or obstacle at the bottom of the hill. When you’re on an electric skateboard that tops out at 12 mph, you can go down a hill without feeling like you’re losing control. When you get to the bottom, simply push the button on your wireless remote and enjoy a simple, safe stop.

7 – Attracts Attention

In today’s world, technology is so advanced that we’re almost not even surprised to see gadgets like hoverboards being ridden around town. But electric skateboards haven’t been around long enough or advertised widely enough as hoverboards have. It’s not very often you see someone skating around on an electric skateboard. That’s part of the reason you’ll feel so cool when riding one. People will stop and stare when they see you gliding along effortlessly.

8 – Freedom

While a traditional board can make you feel alive and free, there’s nothing quite like going at a constant pace on an electric board. Some boards that top out at 22 miles an hour, which may not sound that fast, but when you’re rolling down a road on a skateboard, it seems much faster than you’d expect. It would be pretty much like riding an electric scooter, except you obviously don’t need to hold onto anything with your hands (except the remote).

Type Of Board

Close up of a young skater girl's feet and skateboard

When we talk about the types of skateboards, we’re not only referring to whether they’re long, short, or if they’re penny boards; we also need to look at what they’re made out of. The types of skateboards are broken down into longboards, storyboards, and penny boards. Electric skateboards can be made in any of these styles.


A shortboard is the best option if you’re looking to do tricks with it. The nose and tail of this kind of board are symmetrical, forming a classic look. Since these boards are designed mainly for doing stunts on, they do have grip tape on the board as an extra layer of protection. You certainly don’t want to gear up for a big trick just to have your foot slip in the middle of it. Shortboards are also easier to find in a decent price range. Of course, there are outrageously expensive options, but you can get a great board without paying an arm and a leg, too.


A longboard is, as you can guess, longer than a shortboard. The longboard is designed with a nose and tail that are not the same shape, and the wheels have flat edges. These boards are designed for cruising around and transporting you from point A to point B.

Penny board

A penny board, or a mini-board, is meant to be used for cruising, not tricks. They are usually made out of plastic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are flimsy and easy to break.

When shopping for an electric skateboard, you’ll find that you can buy one in any of these styles. Therefore, you can still cruise, carve, and do tricks like you would on a regular board. If you need a cheap electric board, they’re not impossible to find, either. Some of the best cheap skateboards are also great in performance. The price of electric skateboards can range from $100-$1000. It all depends on your budget and your needs.


A man skating on electric skateboard

If you’re shopping for the best electric skateboard, and it’s going to be used by a child or teenager, you’re probably concerned about how fast they’re going to be able to go. The good news is that you can find cheap electric skateboards that have top paces that range anywhere from 5 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour. If you’re a beginner, opt for the slower boards. If you’re an avid skater that’s been at it for years, they’re probably going to be just fine on a faster board. It’s also important to note that, even though they can go fast, they can also stop fast.

Grip Tape

If you’re going to be doing any kind of tricks on your board, you’ll want to make sure that you get one with grip tape on the top. Even plastic boards need to have grip tape if you’re going to be doing tricks. If you find a board that you absolutely have to have, but it doesn’t come with tape on it, you can always add your own. J

ust make sure that it’s a tape that’s meant for skateboards, and that it will stick to both the board and your shoes well enough. Safety is always the first concern. The best part about buying tape for your cheap electric board is that the tape itself is pretty cheap also. There are always ways to be budget-friendly and still get what you want.


Young woman down the road with a skateboard

Understandably, there are people concerned about how safe an electric skateboard is. Our first point is that they’re no more dangerous than a regular skateboard. In fact, when maintained and used properly, they’re much safer than a regular board. The risks of riding an electric skateboard include wobbles, a lack of experience, bearings seizing, and faulty brakes.

The wobbles happen when you don’t have enough strength in your ankles to handle the feedback loop created as you gain momentum. You must have adequate balance and strength in order to keep the board steady. Otherwise, your board will begin to wobble, leaving you feeling unsteady.

If you’re not an experienced skater and haven’t had a lot of practice with turning and carving, you may fail to handle the board when an emergency situation arises (which they do). If someone walked out in front of you, you may panic and crash into them or just crash yourself instead of being able to stay calm and focused enough to avoid the situation altogether.

Riders can also cause themselves risk without even knowing it. If you’ve been out riding in the rain, or you run through a puddle, you may not realize that you should be oiling the wheels and rotating them. When water is left to build up in the bearings, rust can build up. Without being oiled and rotated, the wheels can seize up, throwing you flying off of the board, ruining the bearings on the wheels, and even potentially causing damage to the motor.

In the worst-case scenarios, the brakes on the board stop working. When you use an electric skateboard, they’re typically designed with regenerative braking. This method recycles kinetic energy used when slowing down and stores it in the battery. When you increase your pace again, it uses the energy you stored in the battery. Sometimes, the regenerative braking absorbs it’s maxed limit of energy, and the brakes stop working. This can obviously be very dangerous, so it’s important to know how to brake without depending on the battery.


The battery life of a single charge on an electric skateboard depends on many different factors. You could have your battery last as long as 30 minutes or 5 hours, depending on the usage. Some skateboards will give you the option of riding in the expert, pro, or economic mode. When you choose eco-mode, you conserve your battery. If you need more range from your battery, one simple thing you can do is kick-to-start it and then slowly utilize the motors to increase your pace. Also, if you try to accelerate from a stop with just your motors, the battery will be used up much quicker.

When you’re traveling at a high pace and need to brake, make sure you do it slowly and smoothly until you slow down enough that you can safely footbrake to a complete stop. You can also extend the range of your battery by avoiding very steep hills and very strong winds.


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