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Welcome to ScooterAdviser.

Ken Miller (Me)My name is Ken and you could say I have a slight enthusiastic obsession with all things electric, especially electric scooters!

Every month, there are new companies releasing exciting new scooters. As the battery sizes increase, so does the speed and power of these scooters. Some are now road legal and go off-road, which is a perfect mix in my mind. I will be researching new and old products that are available on the market, and bringing you the latest news and unbiased reviews for each product.

Next time someone asks you which is the best scooter to buy, direct them over to ScooterAdviser.com and I will help them pick the right scooter for them.
If you are a scooter company and would like your scooter reviewed, please get in touch and we will work out the best solution for you.

Thanks for reading!
Ken Miller